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Today was a different Monday for me. I was to drive the beer truck in V.V’s absence. TWO TIME had already bought the beer, so it was for me only to drive and get the ice before driving out to the run A-Site.

TAMPAX was there as well helping with the ice, and loading and unloading all the stuff that is needed to make PH3 a great Hash.

A-Site was at Monastery Hill or Spag Hill as we used to call it. I was here only 2 weeks ago when I, myself was one of the hares, but there are many ways around a hill. :-)

Good turn up again this Monday, but did not get the exact number, but after all had arrived and signed up we set out. Trail was made for runners and walkers, and it was only 100 meters before we were attacked by wasps. I managed to escape out in a field of high grass, and get around those angry bastards.

Catching up with a few other walkers I walked the running trail. As these days I am a walker. That also meant that all checks were broken, so I got 6,1 K in total.

Catching up with a few good looking girls, which all where holding their phones up in front of them, texting or filming or playing games, I don’t know. I  later heard that one of them fell over and hurt her leg. Say no more.

Back in all seemed pleased with the run. The hares were nowhere to be seen so could not thank them for their efforts? Did not see them at all before the circle was called?

Our GM MENTAL DISORDER started off as normal with icing the hares, and then handed it over to the Raffle trickster SIR FREE WILLY, and one winner after another appeared, leaving nothing to me.

WANK-KING'S WANKER took over, and called in BURL IVES to give him a 100 Run Shirt, which was handed out last Monday with a major spelling mistake. BEETROOT HEAD got his 50 Run Shirt as well.

MENTAL back in the circle icing myself for losing a beer cooler last night, after he got me drunk on the beach.  :-)  Also the Hash Crash lady from Uganda ETOOFALI got her new safety head gear.

NO MORE CUM takes the circle and immediately put KEE MAH and another strange fellow in the bucket for talking too much, well done! NMC also ices CRAZY GERMAN because he cannot travel alone to Udon Thani,

GAS MAN is on the ice for spending nearly a week in Pattaya and can’t find any running shoes, still walking around in flip flops since he arrived.

I got the circle for a short time, a bit weird being in the circle complete sober, so it wasn’t much to talk about.

Well I am sure there was a few more things to write of, but I am tired, gonna sleep some and then of to Bangkok tomorrow morning to watch Guns ’n Roses concert. I promise not to stay sober for long.

See you on Wednesday for a social day on the beach.

On-On!  Scar w/2t's

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