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PH3 Run 1722 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Arse Bandit

After a rare no virgin, no new shoes start the gates have us the "run" down on their well prepared venue.  Red!  Yes, BEETROOT Red paper to be used.

Off we go...... After the 10k run and approximately 4 to 6k walk everybody was back safe and asked what they thought of the run.... Oh, it seems the farmer had ploughed up half the route and taken most of the red paper over the first 5 to 6k causing great talking points along the way. Moaning and groaning back at the A-Site too. "Complete military fuck up" and "checks too long" were mentioned.

Raffle was done quickly and SIR FREE WILLY was heard to say when there's a lot of moaning about the run he gets a low turn out for the Raffle.... But it went off smoothly.

After the down down for the winners it was thank you to CRAPPER and (on the ice with ) POCKET SOCKET his future wife, or puppy owner, I don't know which. But they got advice on the ice from.... didn't catch his name.

VV has been away in Belgium and thanks was given to TWO TIME, his lady for doing his job of getting the ice and drinks and making sure they got to the A-Site on time. Down-down was given.

About buying a puppy "from the puppy shop". I think that was code but not too sure. Next was a mention about the Beach BBQ.

TWO TIME and ODD-JOB were given a down down and a big thank you for a successful happy day. Captain Jack Sparrow Legs (WANK-KING'S WANKER) got his legs out at the BBQ but said he won't do it again this year.

Next up CRAPPER and MISS USE ME each got their 100 Run Shirts. GOLDEN RIVET received his 5 Hared Runs cap. PELER was congratulated on his 350th Run.

LOVELY LADY was put on the ice to get her name back. But. She also got caught throwing a water bottle away and got the Hash Trash name as well. ha ha! Hares back in the bucket and getting a moan again from WANK-KING'S WANKER.

ULI'S GOOLIES in a pink gay jacket was iced and given a vote on whether to wear it in public or not... general consensus - ok.

TOSSA was also given the Hash Trash hat for getting caught trashing his own trail.

NO MORE CUM got his best friends on the ice to say sorry for taking 3 hours to drive to Bangkok. And then miss the turn off for the Guns 'n Roses concert. Wow, how could anyone hold back from saying something???

Wankers song was sung for the hares. BURL IVES sang a song for St David's Day and many people joined in when they knew the words.

Mis-management - all of them were iced.

Then POCKET SOCKET was asked to lead the Hash Hymn.

On on bar was the M Club where free food was fried rice was given and was really good.

On-On!  Arse Bandit

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