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PH3 Run 1725 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by My Girlfriend Knows I'm Gay

“And Monday Is A Hashing Day”. Oh yes it is. After a fashion show from IM LAO with her hash-shirts, she finally knows what to put on. Yes, the first one she was wearing. And it’s the one she got for her 50 Runs last week.  And proud that she is. After the morning rain, I saw STUPID KRAUT KUNT in Soi Lengkee, waking up the whole street with a horn. IM LAO goes buying food for the chicks. After sitting a little bit together with the “Spursboy”, looking like “Tintin” (NO MORE CUM), and GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER (again the strong hand GM today, now MENTAL is in Vietnam), five baht busses and STREET CLEANER with motorbike (to pick up those who fall off a bus) take off to the A-site (I wonder where it will be this time).  A few mistakes from the driver, but we arrive at a beautiful A-site.

Before the run starts, the GENERAL christens the shoes from IM LAO that are already 6 years old (but I was thirsty, and it’s dangerous to forget to drink), also the boots from TV from Luxemburg, welcomes a virgin Hans from Holland (Belgian sponsor ARSE VAN HOLE) and then the hares trio TAMPAX, LOVE BOAT and DESERT SCORPION explain the run with checks and backchecks.  I did the walking trail and came in after 45 minutes with the Beer Hunters.  After 1 hour 02 minutes, the front runners arrived : the first one was the lady NOT YET. She beat all the rest.

I found out that after the recce from Sunday, which took 6 hours, the TRIO hares (what a lovely romance) had a good drink and food together, and went to a concert.  After the run, all the polite people came to congratulate the hares for their great work. Food from VV: the last bread (joepie) with curry was for WHORE IN THE WINDOW. The ring-pulls were filling the glass jar quickly!

It’s getting 18:35: The GENERAL ices the Hares.  It will be remembered as a very good run.  Also the walk was very good.  Many backchecks, so the whole pack came back together.  For SCAR W/2TS, it was the best trail in a long long time.

The Raffle is a WILLY’s Job.  Some winners were: BLUE NOSE with Casanova Bianco, HAWKEYE took the 100 Pipers, NECROPHILIA took the Teddy Bear because he missed some affection the last weeks, BEETROOT HEAD wants to see the movie "The Quiet American" from Michael Caine, LIBERACE walked with a superbra for the rest of the evening, FLYING FINN tried to find some affection with Sea Shells Belgian Chocolate, RAT VON KIEL had cold feet and chose the socks, WHORE IN THE WINDOW wants to remember the time with a big clock, MAYO QUEEN had a bag from Air Canada.  Don’t remember who took the Tiger Beer and the stuff for on your bread. Thanks to Willyboy.

Announcememt from SCAR: The Scandi-Hooligan Walkabout next Saturday.  It’s the day I'm going home.  Soi 6 will be a lot more safe without me.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD: 1) Puts the hares on the ice: good terrain; those who were afraid of the rain, missed a great day.  2) NIGHTRIDER and FERRY QUEEN on the ice: young, fit and a pocket full of money is a dangerous combination – from some chicks the phone is always busy – the farther you go, the less chicks you get. VELCRO DICK: who had a chicken farm ? – note for “the electronic lovers”.  3) WHO CUT THE CHEESE, the Scribe from last week.  4) Virgin Hans from Holland had a good time. The Belgian sponsor ARSE VAN HOLE, his wife, came to look for him last night. He was playing Deejay somewhere (whatever that may mean).  5) TADPOLE and IM LAO for too much talking. After that, together with two other chicks, they got the power to put six guys on the ice. They were called the iceriders.

The GM GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER showed some real power by icing the talking WANK-KING'S WANKER and AIRHEAD. Song from REDCOAT: "Viva Thai Ganja". The singing REDCOAT starts to be a tradition.  At the end the whole circle was singing, while TV ended up in the bucket.

WANK-KING'S WANKER with the numbers: legendary hares TWO TIME (20) and TAMPAX (40). Also important to mention is the Swedish-Norvegian meatball satee food from the hares LOVE BOAT and DESERT SCORPION. Some hashers don’t need food anymore the next few days.  Other numbers you can find in the statistics.

By the GM, we get to know “MAMA SAN”: last run in 1992 and all the girls on the ice again. Good choice: with this welcome back, he will not forget anymore that there is such a thing as ice.

The GM got a lot of comment from WANK-KING'S WANKER, GANGREEN, PAPRIKA SMILEY and GOLDEN DILDO, because it was the first time he got picked up at the Buffalo Bar – bucket for FERRY QUEEN and friend – the bitch IM LAO seemed the reason we went lost with the baht bus.

Then it’s time for SCAR W/2T’S: 1) WANK-KING'S WANKER in the bucket for losing his lighter, that fell out of his hair, while smoking a cigar.  2) ARSE VAN HOLE ended in the bucket with his Russian Head (looked like Al Pacino). The Star Bar in Jomtien has 2 Norvegian Flags, but most costumers come from boystown. Of course SCAR is excited about this.  3) The Beer Hunters on the ice: today SPAG took all the beer, but there was only one beer to get. It stays a special group in "The Drinking Club with a Running Problem". 4) JACKAL and THE WIZARD: most famous hash crash in history. 5) IM LAO wanting to sit together with MAMA SAN we didn’t see anymore since 1992 – song for the animal lover.

Spursboy, Tintin... Sorry, it’s NO MORE CUM in the circle: 1) the lovely TADPOLE and the most lovely IM LAO in the bucket, together with TAMPAX.  This is not the first TRIO from Tony today.  2) Then TAMPAX, MAMA SAN and RASPUTIN in the bucket.  MAMA SAN had to drink the beer out of his shoe.  3) TAMPAX in the bucket and LOVE BOAT on the ice: what a lovely couple.  4) VV brings in the broken chair from CRAPPER. THE WIZARD and FLYING FINN in the bucket. I didn’t get the clue here.

REDCOAT took the circle, after the GM called on the hares to sing us a song: "Do You Spit Or Do You Swallow?" Everybody had a big laugh, when TADPOLE and IM LAO ended up in the bucket again. Somebody said (no, not me): Please REDCOAT, take your time.  And that is what he did ! Later that evening, IM LAO wanted to go to the the hospital to unfreeze everything.

There was great food in the On-On Bar The Blue Heeler, a sensational drink and a finisher in the TQ.

Before I end, I wish to thank all the people who keep the hash alive.  You gave me, once again, a great holiday in Disneyland.  Saturday I’m flying back to BelgiumHope to see you all again in May/June.

On-On!  My Girlfriend Knows I'm Gay

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