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PH3 Run 1726 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Dirt Looney

And I thought I’d grown out of all this “Looney” stuff… I’d like to know when the getting more sensible thingamajig is going to kick in with the rapidly increasing growing older. You can add forgetfulness too, as the GM gently inquired of me half way through the circle, “Do you remember to agreeing to be this week’s scribe?”… eh, really… Well, here goes.

I do recall waking up thinking, thank goodness the weekend is over and I can get a few alcohol free days. My body (and tiny brain) needs it. Nope, not to be, as it’s another Hash filled Monday. Woohoo, here we go again ;-)

Four baht buses left the front of the Buffalo Bar via the scenic back roads of Pattaya and onto the A-site beside Maprachan Lake. The hares had the foresight (or luck) to be adjacent to substantial and rainproof shed.

MENTAL DISORDER called the initial circle and asked about any new shoes. FLYING FINN had scrubbed his shoes clean in order to get a free drink. He was hoping for a second down-down, for his other shoe, but quickly backed off when a water down-down was proposed.

The hares explained the marking of checks and check-backs (at least I think they did, I was a bit confused and decided to just follow those FRB’s). The direction of paper was pointed out and we were off along the Maprachan Lake wall. Just as well for the waterproof shed, because it almost immediately pissed down with reckless abandon. The rain provided a good temperature to run in, although it was very muddy, gotta love that dirt.

After about 40 mins a Check-Back led us straight to the A-site again. Still confused, I followed INIBRIO back onto paper. Although, I do believe some folk found the temptation too great to stop and stayed at the A-site. They missed out to the beer stop and a trip around the dirt bike course. Also, if I recall, by this time it had stopped raining, allowing us to finish the run in the dry.

Planned or not the shed was much appreciated by virtually everyone whose stuff stayed dry and also made for a good place to natter and nosh after the run.

The second circle was called and the hares on ice. I think it was decided that it was a good run. Even the confusing Check-Back allowed some folk an early retirement. Don’t know if they waited for the front runners to get back before they had a beer.

FREE WILLY held the Raffle, I think people won stuff. Sorry people, but I was still blissfully unaware at this point that I was supposed to remember this stuff as the scribble. You know who you were ;-)

It was at the point of awards, that I was given the gentle nudge as the scribe and asked WANK-KING’S WANKER for his wee piece of paper he uses to remind himself wht he’s supposed to be doing in the circle. The awards are already mentioned down below. But I’m impressed by the combined 1000 Runs of BALL RINGER (600 Runs) and ODD-JOB (400 Runs). TAMPAX got his cap for 40 Hared Runs. TELLY TUBBY and FERRY QUEEN each received a 50 Run shirt.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD as RA brought in PUGSLEY for excesses on Saturday night following the Scandihooligan Bar Walkabout, when he managed to stay out all night. Much to the exasperation of his loving wife MEKONG DELTA (I believe that’s her moniker) who decided to cut up his underwear as a lesson. Just as well you weren’t wearing them at the time! Hope the ice marriage councelling helped.

Before he got a chance to ice the next sinner on his card board box of truths, his attention was irked by the incessant chatter of the “cheese eaters”. I believe TAMPAX and BALL RINGER, who were promptly iced.

BURL IVES was celebrating his 90th birthday or something (real age suppressed due to my inebriation at the time). Apparently all he got was No Romance and disappointment… better luck next year young fella.

Another private party by the BELGIANS got them an icing for being bullshitters (according to my notes). This was followed by an icing of the Swedish bird HELENE (no hash name) for something. Then GI JOE and SPERM POLLUTER were on ice along with Doctor LONE WOLF who apparently carried out some sort of Heimlich Maneuver. There was a finger up the ass mentioned with CASPER performing a sniff test on GI JOE… go figure.

Bad RA NO MORE CUM brought in LONE WOLF and TURD BURGLAR for possibly being boring (my notes are shocking here). Also, FLYING FINN was iced for being a serial “New Shoes” wearer in the first circle.

THE WIZARD managed to pass on Hash Trash to SCAR WITH 2 T’s for some littering infringement on The Scandihooligan Bar Walkabout.

BURL IVES sang the song ‘Roll On” while the hares sat on ice. An extra verse came from the circle, adding more ice time and enjoyment for the hares.

Hash Hymn was led by PUGSLEY and TURD BURGLAR. Then off we went to the On On bar M-Club with a good turnout of hashers. Some of the more hard core drinkers even made it to TQ for a couple or more.

I continued off into the sunrise without a clue as to what was going On On…

See you all again next Monday,

On-On!  Dirt Looney

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