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PH3 Run 1728 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Brokeback Ben from Jomtien

So without taking last week's advice and avoid standing in a crowd at the start of a run I was approached by a somewhat ..  sober MENTAL DISORDER. After a few pictures from his days as Australia's smallest body builder (something like that) I was appointed the task of this week's SCRIBE so here goes ……. No thanks to NO MORE CUM.

The day didn’t start off too well for me as I made the mistake of forgetting my shoes! However, FREE WILLY came to the rescue and leant me his shoes. I was very grateful until he happily made it aware to the circle and I took a drink from his shoe….. I’m still awaiting the lab results to see what I may of caught.

This week’s run saw four packed baht buses leave from the Buffalo Bar on Sunday afternoon just so they could get to the A-Site just in time for Monday's Run... We will blame that on WANK-KING'S WANKER for leaving early causing a few late comers to miss the bus.

Six Virgins attended the run this week, Bart From Holland , Kane from Thailand and Ginger pubes (Raymond) from England .. The other three I’m not quite sure of their names.


Did anybody actually understand THE BELGIANS explanation of the run? …

Well needless to say there was not enough hills and trees in the run. Very different to last week’s Run and a few falls in the Jungle I believe. DIRT LOONEY (Flower Shirt Wanker) was a great participant showing us where all the short cuts were. Im guessing he had been enjoying the water fights before turning up for the run.

However we did eventually get some tarmac, much to everybody’s delight but it was short lived. The paper trail was well layed with a few spin offs towards the end leading the runners back towards the beer truck. A few little Teasers. Good job to the Belgians for Haring the Run. I guess you are good at something after all. Singing In The Words of the one never negative hasher "The run was good." (BALL RINGER)

As the Runners made their way back in to the A-Site we were treated to some wonderful Curried Chicken Sandwiches and cold beer from VV again. Outstanding and quickly sold out.

As the Circle formed the GM quickly had everyone’s attention, A bet from the beginning of the run saw OBEWAN put in the bucket. It would appear he’s not as fast on his feet anymore …

FREE WILLY was then interrupted from one of his prison stories to conduct the Raffle. First out of the hat came THE LIZARD who quickly Snapped up the Biccys, VELCRO DICK came out second and claimed The biggest bottle of alcohol on offer. STUPID KRAUT KUNT surprised everybody this week by not claiming another pair of panties. We will talk about them later. Fourth out of the hat and on fire was VELCRO DICK again. Luck of the Draw. Fifth came the Belgian. NO MORE CUM came out sixth and claimed the chocolates for his lover. He does have a sweet side after all. GADDAFI'S HUSBAND claimed seventh prize which left the panties for BELL END to claim much to BALL RINGER's delight.

As the night went on and the beer flowed EMPEROR AIRHEAD took control of the circle quickly to welcome OBEWAN back to the ICE, He was then joined by BEN who once his got his shit together finally joined OBEWAN on the Ice. Well the Bucket in the end for Time Wasting. As the Naming Ceremony went on the crowd decided on two choices - BAREBACK BEN FROM JOMTEIN or BROKEBACK BEN and much to WANK-KING'S WANKER's delight they decided on BROKEBACK BEN. I’m not quite sure why he was so keen to sit next to me on the baht bus back to the ONON.

As EMPEROR AIRHEAD got more and more aroused he invited four Young Ladies on to the ice... Or his knee should I say. We are still not sure what was in the pocket but im sure it was not his phone. I'm quite certain to say the girls walked away from the evening somewhat confused about the whole proceedings and with that a job offer to work in the TQ. Will they return? Maybe one day.

The GM was welcomed back into the circle and came across a somewhat lost Slovenian who was reluctant to buy a shirt. A shout from FREE WILLY confirmed the Slovenian was in fact a tight cunt who didn’t want to buy a shirt. His last run was accidently one year ago and he was somehow lost. He went in the bucket.

As The GM went on I couldn’t help but notice he talked a lot about sex. A little worrying as there were a lot of children in the circle last night, Talking about sex UNSTABLE LOAD's wife was caught asking if he had any condoms which then lead to them being on the ice. And as we all discovered that the real reason for her asking for condoms was because in fact he had gonorrhea.

We had a Hashy Birthday last night, Happy Birthday to BEETROOT HEAD we hope many more to come and also a farewell to FLYING FINN who was presented a GOLD COIN by WANK-KING'S WANKER.

Finally bringing proceedings to an end the circle was left to NO MORE CUM, I still must find out where he gets his hair cut so I can avoid it. WANK-KING'S WANKER was brought onto the ice for his fuck up with the Baht Bus. BROKEBACK BEN was presented with the HASH TRASH for claiming a pair of sunglasses which had been left in the bus the week before.  A Good Old SingSong by the Belgians brung proceedings to an end. Hopefully the GM will forget about the conversation at the end. it would appear BROKEBACK BEN is out to save a few quid.… And there we had it another Great Night and end to a Run .. On to the ONON, the famous Tahitian Queen.

After finally making it there very thirsty we were warmly welcomed, Some tasty snacks on offer and some Eye-candy On offer the night spiralled on out of control. Thanks EMPEROR AIRHEAD for the ONON. See you all next week

For anything or anybody I may have missed I do apologize as the night went on the beer tasted better …

On-On!  Brokeback Ben from Jomtien

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