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Hashers gathered at the Buffalo Bar for our weekly Pattaya Hash Run. Departing between heavy rain showers. And no pick up at Tesco’s we proceeded to the A Site - Kho Mei Kaew. There the Hares had managed to find a site with chicane entry between rain ravines.

Luckily SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD took on the role of traffic warden to assist the unwary drivers to get safely in. until leaving when the lead baht taxi managed to drop 2 feet into a ravine. As always well fueled hashers where able to lift the baht taxi out.

The circle was brought together by the GM in the some what small entrenched circle. Only one set of new shoes could be found on visitor ETOOFALI who being a visitor thought she could be excused. NO WAY.  However honourable English Gent ANTIQUE took the Christening Down Down for her.

The Hares VV, DEL BOY and TWO TIME came in to the circle to give the info for the run.

  1. Beware of other paper Including wide paper (this sounds promising ???)
  2. Beware Cobras - do not chase or catch.

So with no further ado the runners where pointed up the slope to look for the trail. Quickly picked up by the front runners to clear the Circle. The walkers followed led by hare DEL BOY to stop after 50 metres to watch as the runners on a long loop.

Came to a 10 metre rope hill climb. This was great as walkers cheered on the front runners. Brought back memories from long ago of a visit by a USA Battle FleetUS Marines, Pattaya Hashers went to Sattahip for a run on the Thai Military Assault Course involving rope climb, rope bridges, inflatable assault boats and running. AIRHEAD I am sure remembers well.

Runners and walkers  joined together for a short way before coming to the runners/walkers split. Regretably I no longer keep up with the runners (or luckily today) so have to rely on a secret interview with a front runner. He told me it was a true f***-**…over paper, back checks leading to bad checks. The end result was the runners coming in all ways but on paper. KIDNEY WIPER, DIRT LOONEY and GI JOE making it back well in to the circle.

One unfortunate Belgian going Rambo and wanting or not to stay overnight in the jungle. Beware if a hare goes on a trail to  direct. There is likely to be problems. (Recollect TOSSA's run a few weeks ago). Is it time for Light Coloured paper to avoid part of the problem?

SIR WILLY started the circle with his customary Raffle which he tirelessly organizes each Monday and helps him to bemoan the Hash Finances to encourage the extraction of bahts from the poor Hashers. The lucky winners I believe were:

  1. ETOOFALI --- RiceCooker
  2. LIBERACE --- ????
  3. LOVELY LADY --- Red Wine
  4. PHANTOM --- Vodka
  5. ARSE VAN HOLE --- Shirt (non retunrnable)
  6. TESTICLES --- Wine Cooler
  7. FRODO --- Cat

All to be given a Down Down as well.

AIRHEAD gave the Hares an icing and I thought left them off lightly for the run.  Maybe he got a freebie at the BBQ or had a promise on so needed to be away quick.

Hares having NO song had to be helped by BURL IVES with a song. This was "My Sister Belinda" with a Scottish Slant but good for a lot of the Hash to join in.

Hash Trash was presented to visitor ETOOFALI who thought she had got away with it but for squealer ANTIQUE. She was duly presented with the Trash Hat on the ice along with ANTIQUE for being a squealer.

With the time getting late and like me going on a bit the Circle sang the Hash Hymn to go to Nicky's Bar, the On-On Bar who supports the Hash with terrific hosptality.

On-On!  Antique

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