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Bloody Rain!

Looking out of the window of the coach, at about 5:00 AM Monday, in the Chonburi area. My first Hash in a month and looking forward to talking to some human beings,(thinking the paper will get washed away) F---.

3:00 PM Buffalo Bar

Sunshine, God is Great, as long as the hares have replaced the washed out paper. l had checked out the area of the A-Site a few days earlier on the Hash Web Page. It was about 30 clicks out,plenty of hills in that area and jungle.

No Problem

Plenty of banter on the long journey out to the A-Site. MAYO QUEEN, one of a large party of Belgium Hashers, was was retelling his nightmare story from last Monday. He managed to find his way out of the jungle by 12:30 PM and flagged a motorcycle down, to take him back to Pattaya. He arrived home about 2:30 AM, And we do this for fun.

New A-Site

Great bloody spot, plenty of trees, hills, and privacy no one overlooking us. Good find Hares - BEVERLY HILLS PINK COCK and DEL BOY.

Hare Instructions

Red stick this and Blue stick that, and you may find some paper washed away in the rain, what the F---. They did not go out to check to see if the paper was still there. To cap it all they said watch out for wild boar, they can be dangerous. Are they joking, we are used to the no dogs, no hills, no cattle routine, who believes the hares anyway.

Gentle Pace

Off we went at a gentle pace, l said gentle as sadly lacking today. There were no FRBs, to break the checks. A few mid packers, GI JOE, SEAL SUCKER, JACKAL. l can see in a few years the average age of one of PH3 hashers being about 80 years old.

Our Good Fortune

There was plenty of paper on the ground and clipped to  trees. Clipped paper stays  longer in a thunderstorm. Running along thinking good run so far, nice trails with plenty of trees. My peace was shattered by a blood curdling scream, then a hasher came crashing out of the bushes, screaming, "Boar, boar!". He shall remain nameless, but he is famous for his ear piercing screams when he has a Hash Crash.

All in All

Good run, well papered, no one got lost. Mind you if ROBBING BASTARD was not back in England he would have had a goood try. He hates coming back in daylight.


Same old, Same old, Thai Ladies win most of the prizes as they buy most of the tickets.


What can l say? Number one RA, always entertains us.

Illustrious GM

MENTAL DISORDER shared the bucket out fairly to most of the hashers.


He took the circle, l can see a future GM in the making, after another couple of years perfecting the art of icing hashers.


After about one hour into the circle, BURL IVES looked over my shoulder and said, "You're not taking many notes!" l replied Fairy Stories. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

On-On!  Try-A-Fuck

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