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PH3 Run 1733 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Knob Marley

Off we sped from the Buffalo Bar on the adventure of another Monday run. The journey was fine until nearly at the A-Site. The hares had obviosly discovered it when on tank manouvers, but eventually after a risky channel crossing we arrived at the A site. Good open site and very secluded no locals gathering and not even the usual wandering soi dog , so at least we would be private.

Hares explain the run which takes a while as MENTAL DISORDER has this need to repeat everything his co- hares tell us. So eventually after extreme details about some red stars on trail that we should look out for we set off.

The run was good, more of a runners run as fairly flat, quite long for a Monday as around 8.5 km but we were prewarned so should be no complaints. Many took this on board and decided to bail out at the walk stage.

The rest of us a pack of around 15 pretty much stayed together as a few long and sometimes difficult to trace checkbacks were encountered. All in all a good run that took some thought by the hare(s).

Well, after the normal social chit chat the circle is formed and GM hands the circle to GI JOE who says run was good (and he has done a few). All those he asks are in agreement.

THE WIZARD then takes us through the presentation of the collected red stars. Five of the ten stars were found so he offers the winners a kind of deal or no deal on the prize clue they pick. This works out well for DIRT LOONEY who comes away with whiskey and IM LAO is blown away by her signed picture of her dream boy THE WIZARD.

Then it's on to usual FREE WILLY Raffle with Thai girls winning 5 of the prizes and THE WIZARD claiming Minnie Mouse. Or was it Mickey? The debate goes on but I was certainly in the Minnie camp.

Then the main event EMPEROR AIRHEAD brings in the hares and again all agree good run. He then ices DIRT LOONEY for fame in the Pattaya Mail and generally being a good guy. But must be avoided between the hours of 4-6 AM in the Walking Street area.

Then its the virgin Julius who at 78 must be the oldest virgin on record.

GM then takes over to discuss the photo won by IM LAO. Then it's the excitement of the awards with WANK-KING'S WANKER (surprised he not been asked to do the Oscars with his natural gifted talent for presenting awards). So its on in MENTAL DISORDER, CRAPPER and UNSTABLE LOAD for 50, 10, and 5 Hared Runs.

Then it's EMPEROR AIRHEAD for, wait for it ....... 1400 Runs ..... WOW!....., well done TOM. When asked what he wanted he just replied TADPOLE, but the best the Hash could do is say they are working on the restraining order (good shout from the circle).

GM then regains circle and ices harriettes (better known as cracks in my day). This is followed by excellent song by REAR GUNNER.

Then its the turn of BURL IVES who ices the English, something about Rugby. Then its all the fridge dwellers (more commenly known as Belgians) on ice.

Then its hares on in for song. I personally thought this one of the best songs for a long time and got the circle buzzing , clearly the work of the English member of the hares, the up and coming hash member THE WIZARD, (I see a future GM if he keeps up this magic.) Apparently the run was also down to him, but it seems at the moment the other 2 hares MENTAL DISORDER and CRAPPER are in a bit of a lost world without their little Filipino guides.

Well, 'Swing Low' and back to the BLUE HEELER for great food. Thank you and thank all involved for another great day.


On-On!  Knob Marley

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