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PH3 Run 1735 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by B.B.

The hares picked a great A-Site down near the beach, and set a good run in a confined area.

Some of the hash guys should be told never to wear a dress, as I have never seen so many hairy female cross dressers. Maybe you may have to consider a shave or a wax before wearing the dresses again guys.

Hung low REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD, should have been told about uplift bras, but as he was dressed like a granny who had breast fed 6 kids, his boobs would have hung around his waist anyway.

WANK-KING'S WANKER must have really looked hard through his closet of women's clothes to find the yellow wig and matching glasses. Sorry to say the pink handbag didn't quite match.

SEAL SUCKER was seen walking with KAZI who was wearing a tiara, and it appeared that they where holding parts of each other's anatomy.. HANDS? Mind you it was also heard that SS wanted a name change to SHIRLEY SUCKER. This can happen when guys wear dresses.

The circle is called by the GM who ices the hares and the '4 Hare Song' is sung by a visitor WILD ROVER.

FREE WILLY is next in line with the Raffle, and thanks again WILLY for drawing my number. Good prizes as always, how does he do it?

GM then ices DIGGA for not removing his ring pull from his beer and ARSE-HOLEO for dobbing in him.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD then has the circle and brings the hares back in. Reports of the run are asked and it was agreed that it was a great A-Site and run. The Beer Hunters H3 were really happy as their beer stop was in line of sight from where we started. Great consideration went into giving the BH4 a short run.

It's then the start of the Betty Boob Beauty Pageant where the 12 or so entries are whittled down by cheers and whistles from the circle. Even MY BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND KNOWS I'M GAY, tries hard to convince the crowd he should stay by lifting his dress and flashing his rear end. The winner ends up to be none other than granny RSB. Then we have the BB contest for the Ladies, and we get to see ladies dressed as men. Only one winner from the start really and when GI JOAN does a dozen push ups, she had to win.

The GM then has EMPEROR AIRHEAD on ice and asks for a price on a wax, our hairdresser said sorry but cannot price, but would a Daily Rate price be ok?

WANK-KING'S WANKER circle next and he has two achievement awards, CRAPPER for 10 Hares, and MRS HEAD for 30 Hares. That brought lots of comments like that's more hares than her husband has on his head, who said Head?

GM then ices the Hamersley Wankers. Then calls in FLIPPER and FREE WILLY for 700 and 800 runs apiece. Also thanks them for the work on the Rags and the Raffle.

The hare song is sung by LORD CHICKEN FUCKER, great to see him at hash again and his rendition of 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon'.

GM then calls in HARBOR WHORE and his friend?????? who is christened HARBOR QUICKSTART????? Being a Merchant Seaman in my younger days I used to know a couple of HWs in different ports, but I am sure he wasn't one of them.

The Hash Hymn is then sung by visitors and locals and led by MRS H.

It's then into the esky for one for the road, and the end of another great night of hashing in Pattaya. Well done hares and committee.

On-On!  B.B.

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