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PH3 Run 1736 Scribe

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Welcome to a runner's run hared by four Philippinas with the A-Site next to a lake AND on the flat with some shade. Aa very hard thing to find (well done). Hash Flash was LONE WOLF.

First Circle was called and three Virgins and two New Shoes entered the circle. So a couple of welcomes and down-downs later and the Hares told us the paper trail was well papered and off we went.

A flat(tish) 8 km trail ended up being 10 km for the front runners and kept us all together throughout the whole run. No one got lost thanks to good paper and a personal guide for someone nameless... but Belgian.

Some hashers were not tired after the run and had enough energy to use a swing to jump into the lake. (Maybe the average age of hashers is coming down!)

At the A-Site the hares were iced and listened to mostly good remarks of the run!!!! "Best run all day!" from G.I. JOE then DEL BOY gave the hares a song.

SIR FREE WILLY takes the Raffle and the winners were MR GIGGLE SHIT, SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE, TOSSA, LIBERACE, ANDY WHORE HOLE, TESTICLES. And a double winner was OBEWAN. BOLLYWOOD got iced for getting over excited and thinking she had won.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD then falls for the virgin hare LOVELY LADY and names our Hungarian hasher HUNGARIAN HOOKER HUMPER... self explanatory I think.

OBEWAN and his friend Shawn are next to be iced as EMPEROR AIRHEAD talks about the new sexual freedoms shared by some people and then names OBEWAN's friend BITE MARKS ON MY BOLLOCKS.

Virgins on the ice "good choice sir". Wayne from Serbia, Dizzy from the Philippines and May from Thailand.

MENTAL's circle but gives it to THE WIZARD who wants to play with the Hares. So we play wet T-shirt competition with a twist. The hares chose a male hasher who has to put on a tee-shirt from the bucket. Winners win a bottle of red and a teddy.

Ice for Renata and partner Dusan and she is named HAPPY SURVIVOR.

GANGREEN gets a 300 Run T-shirt and a dance with WANK-KING'S WANKER. MRS HEAD gets a 30 Hared Runs Shirt.

DIRT LOONEY gets the bucket for tripping up G.I. JOE in Phuket then ARSE-HOLEO joins him with SIR FREE WILLY on top of him. Poor bugger - ha ha. DIRT LOONEY is singing louder and louder.

Finally Bosnians iced to tell them the important difference between He and She especially here in Pattaya.

BURL IVES sings "All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor". Then the last Down Down with THE WIZARD, SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE and TESTICLES singing "Swing Low" to close the circle.

Great entertaining evening.

On-On!  Arse Bandit

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