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After a few false turns and a very bumpy ride the baht buses found the A-Site at Soi Paradise Villa and what a lovely big open grassy site it was, big enough for a game of rugby. There was even free entertainment in the form of a microlight zooming overhead.

GM MENTAL DISORDER, called the first circle and BIGGUS DICKUS had the privilege of drinking from his new shoes and there was one Virgin, Bob from Belgium.

The hares explained there was a run of 7km, and two walks of 5km and 3km. Off went the Beer Hunters in a baht bus. They are getting too old and infirm these days to even walk to the nearest watering hole. I started off walking with TOSSA and the other slow ones but ended up doing an even shorter walk when I followed the Thai girls. A nice easy trail and a good running one from all accounts.

There was a long time before the circle was called giving everyone a chance to relax and it was interesting to see how everyone spread out around the field sitting with their fellow countrymen. It was like a mini United Nations with the Nordic group at the end of the field, then the Americans and Canadians, the Thai group sitting on the ground with their food, the Belgian group getting bigger by the week and a growing Slavic contingent. The British and the Australians mixed it up a bit so must still feel some kinship in the Commonwealth.

We were lucky to have food provided by the hares and much appreciated it was - pea and ham soup made from an old Scottish recipe by BURL IVES, and delicious kuey teow made by LOST CAUSE. Thank you hares.

While it was still light the GM, like the United Nations Secretary General, got everyone to come together in the circle and put the hares on the ice and thanked them for the food.

As always, SIR FREE WILLY was next with his Raffle and there were several winners including HARBOR QUICKSTART, PHANTOM, LADY FLIPPER, REAR GUNNER, THE WIZARD and me again with a prize of more toys to donate to 'Hand to Hand'. EMPEROR AIRHEAD came in towards the end to donate a prize of a pink dress but nobody wanted it so maybe someone will be lucky next week.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD took the circle and called Dusan from Slovenia to sit on the ice. WANK-KING'S WANKER took the circle to help name him but was put on the ice himself for being too talkative. EMPEROR AIRHEAD being American, has no idea of any countries outside of the USA so had to ask the circle where Slovenia is. Turns out most know except the Americans.

Apparently, Dusan invented an app for the ATM and can now travel the world with his wife, HAPPY SURVIVOR, who makes him do all the cooking. It was agreed therefore that he be named "SHE'S THE BOSS"

Not to be outdone the GM takes the circle again and asks hands up for those who are married and then asks them who is the boss? HARBOR QUICKSTART, THE WIZARD and LIBERACE get put on the ice for thinking they are the boss. Think LIBERACE is right, the one with the most money is the boss.

WANK-KING'S WANKER called in RAT VON KIEL to congratulate him on his 50 Runs but was calling it 50 Hares. He has been hare but not that many times.

GM's circle again and SUGAR DADDY is on the ice for India, SIR FREE WILLY for England and REAR GUNNER representing Pakistan for the cricket. I don't know who won but it should have been REAR GUNNER for his excellent Pakistani accent. Continuing with the sporting theme GM put all the Belgians on the ice and asked them who they were supporting in this Wednesday's State of Origin game. Unfortunately don't think they understood it was Australians playing Australians.

GM still following sport and put GANGREEN, SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE, HARBOR QUICKSTART and DIRT LOONEY on the ice and asked them what sport they played in their country. Think, collecting welfare benefits in Canada was the best.

The hares were called on to sing us a song and BURL IVES tried his best but got confused with the tune and then got "too ashamed" in his other song but GM was sympathetic and asked the ones who though they were better singers to lead the Hash Hymn - GI JOE, REAR GUNNER and ?

Then it was a race for the baht buses to make sure you weren't on the white one and it was on-on to Blue Heelers with a good crowd including those who didn't get dropped off at Tesco.

On-On!  Sauce for the Goose

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