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It’s Monday again so it’s run day or run, walk, run, walk, walk, walk, drink day.

Familiar “A” site at Asian University which is the hares MD & MD’s favourite area. There’s more paper on the trails around the university than there is in the university. PH3, PJH3, PJMH3, PDRH3 all had runs in this area.

Circle up, GM MENTAL DISORDER made a couple of announcements about the sad loss of three Hashers two to motorbike accidents, MUFFY and the always crazy, funny, loveable ex-GM HELLBOY. PELER also told us about the loss of another Hasher FUCKALAO to tuberculosis. A minutes silence for our departed friends. On On.

A couple of virgins from India and Pakistan later described as nuclear rivals by EMPEROR AIRHEAD.

Run starts back up the hill and on the left so MUD CRACKER takes off like a Katoey was after him and there was and they took the first trail on the left which was the wrong one, I’d seen paper on the trail at the top of the hill when I drove in so I knew where the paper started so I led from the start for 60 seconds.

Unfortunately the hares had started the run with a long back check and that made DIRT LOONEY very happy, he loves back checks. I think he was swearing but I’m not sure because he doesn’t speak English.

Back across the road and on on plenty of checks and back checks keep most of the runners together, GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER, GI JOE, HIPPO, DIRT LOONEY, LOVE BOAT and other front runners ran past me on several occasions after finding these checks. They went from the front to the back to the middle to the front several times.

I was so fast even TRY-A-FUCK and TOSSA went past me, fcuk I must be getting old. I did 7.57km in 1 hour 18min which is pretty good for an old, fat, lazy cun*.

Hash Flash today was LONE WOLF so don’t forget to check the web site maybe you’ll see yourself in a few pictures. LONE WOLF has a knack of taking picture that make you look fat, wrinkled and ten years older than you really are. Maybe that’s just me.

After the run several buffets start up behind vehicles, DIRTY HARRY had set up a table with a table cloth, chairs, wine, wine glasses, candles and music. It was like The Glasshouse restaurant.

The ladies had a gas bottle and pots and pans and were cooking up a storm. They eat anything with arms and legs except tables and chairs.

Circled up again so I stood at the back with GI JOE and LUCAN MADE ME CUM, much safer to observe the circle from a distance and at the mere mention of my name I disappear down the dirt road.

SIR ARSE-A-HOLIC congratulated for “700” Runs and SUGAR DADDY and THE WIZARD “50” Runs. Well done.

MD ices everyone according to their nationality and requires them to sing their national anthem. Norwegians sang something and said it was their national anthem but who knows they could have been singing an old ABBA song because no one can understand them.

Australians don’t know the words to their national anthem, I thought it was still “God Save The Queen”.

That’s about all I can remember after several icy cold Leo’s.

Baht buses loaded up with pissed athletes and off into town to a new On On bar “The Jolly Piss Stop” in Soi Buakao.

I haven’t been to an On On bar for 10 years but I was feeling ok so I got the misses, PINKABOO to drop me off at the bar and she went to SQUEEZE MY TUBE's place to wait for a pick up call. GI JOE pissed again. SQUEEZE had to carry him to the car.

Very good bar with good food supplied for Hashers, cheap beers, friendly staff and good atmosphere.

Excellent run, thanks hares MENSTRUAL DISORDER and MENTAL DISORDER.

See you next week for the God Damned Yankee’s Independence Day Hot Dog Run. Highway 36 behind the Shell gas station.

On-On!  Rear Gunner

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