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After a commendably short ride we arrived at a nicely shaded A Site for the American Independence Day Run.

GM MENTAL DISORDER confirmed the distances and Nicky's as the On On Bar, where after Run 1737 someone didn't pay their bar bill. Any repeat offender would be subject to the death penalty or worse.

A flat start and a couple of back checks later I was up with the FRB's. The usual suspects - including MUDCRACKER, DEL BOY, SEAL SUCKER, GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER with GI JOE lurking in the background.

After 5K MUDCRACKER was pushing the pace, and I was struggling after a steep climb and long back check. At 7K and after a loop (which many SHORTCUTTED) I was mid field again so a big effort seeing GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER (unfortunately injured), THE WIZARD, LOVE BOAT and SEAL SUCKER. Only to observe MUDCRACKER and GI JOE (how did he get there?) finishing in the distance.....

At the Circle GM MENTAL DISORDER welcomed and put the Hares on the Ice, wearing ventilated Uncle Sam hats no less. DEL BOY was put in the Bucket for what.....?

EMPEROR AIRHEAD, after a rendition of "One Eyed Trouser Snake" (aka "Pyjama Python") with the Hares, gave us a history lesson on the American War of Independence. Namely, it was an outcome of the preceding 7 Years War between Britain and France. And Britain gave up rather than being defeated - a bit like the US in Vietnam really....

After THE WIZARD hosted a debate on the Australian National Anthem, he and PISSED AS A RAT were presented with 50 Run Shirts. GM MENTAL DISORDER was congratulated on 200 Runs and 50 Hares, notwithstanding he "doesn’t like to run" (to give SPERM POLLUTER and DIRT LOONEY a chance he said).

LONE WOLF gave the thumbs up to The Jolly Piss Stop after Run 1738 - beers 50 baht each.

SPERM POLLUTER successfully tricked DEL BOY into the Bucket again by getting him to admit he "won" (sacrilege!) a certain other Hash Run recently.

A recording of the Star Spangled Banner was accompanied by iced "Septic Tanks" (with guest appearances from SEAL SUCKER, BALL RINGER and GAS MAN) taking part in a US themed Quiz Show.

After BURL IVES led the community singing, GM MENTAL DISORDER closed the proceedings, with an action to invite a President and a Supreme Leader to co-Hare a future Run.

Thanks to this week's Hares!

See you next week.

On-On!  Home Brew

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