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The Belgian National Day Run will be remembered as the run when the beer truck broke down, luckily the beer arrived safely because of the timely intervention of THE WIZARD, accompanied by four half-witted Australians (THE WIZARD paid me to write that). This motley crew were officially recognised as Hash Heroes by MENTAL DISORDER and we were all very grateful for their efforts in getting the beer to the A site on time.

The Baht buses took a while to arrive at the A site because there were no HHH signs along the road (as they were in the broken down beer truck), so some skilful U-turns by the baht bus drivers were required, but we all got there in the end and we soon set off on a 10km run and 5km walk.

SEAL SUCKER was the winner of the run, followed closely by HARBOR QUICKSTART, by some distance from the others. HARBOR QUICKSTART told me that she usually comes first so was disappointed that SEAL SUCKER beat her to it this time and she will try harder to come first next time. :-) 

Once the circle was formed the Raffle was drawn, prizes included Belgian chocolates, which a Belgian won, so that was a bit like taking coals to Newcastle. I won the biscuits, which was nice as I rarely win anything, so it definitely cannot be said that SIR FREE WILLY fixes the Raffle.

The Hares were put on the ice, followed by the remaining Belgians (quite rightly) and DIRT LOONEY for talking too loudly (nothing new there then!).

It was rumoured that VV had sold the beer truck to pay for nights out in Boys Town. LIBERACE and VV were called into the circle to explain what was going on with the beer truck and DIRT LOONEY was nominated as the Official Beer Truck Mechanic.

SPIN KING and 007 were put on the ice for only coming once every 4 years and WANK-KING'S WANKER then took the circle and awarded RAT VON KEIL his 50 Run Shirt and GANGREEN his 300 Run Cap.

LADY FLIPPER and SIR FREE WILLY were celebrating 33 years of marriage, when they were each asked what the highlight of their marriage was they both replied it was when SIR FREE WILLY took up residence in the Bangkok Hilton.

Next week is the Aussie Run which is yet another highlight of the PH3 calendar, so looking forward to seeing you all then. The Hash Scribe for this run was BOB-A-GOB.

On-On!  Bob-a-Gob

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