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Pattaya is probably the only city where I look forward to Mondays.

As usual, there are a lot of politics and intrigues that are going on. Normally I turn the deaf ear to and concentrate on having fun (drinking beer) instead. However, I would like to say that as a holiday visitor I do miss run-related hash T-shirts. I understand that you who live here and run every other race already have a container full of T-shirts and are totally uninterested to use important beer money on more sweaters. So returning to ten so-called T-shirt runs every year is probably not sustainable. But one or two T-shirt runs would probably work well every year.

So to the race, an 8km run laid by 9 men, but no walking path. So I walked a bit and then went back the same way, from those who ran the whole race I heard only happy comments. The rain prevented later on the ice examinations of the run.

After the run, good sausages were served as VV and TWO TIME had managed to grill without burning, this was sponsored by NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER (???? - Editor query), thank you all for it.

The circle began with the hares holding an ode. The ode of remembrance is an ode taken from Laurence Binyons "For the Fallen" from 1914, to honour those who died in the Battle of Long Tan 1966. Because the Aussie language is not the easiest to figure out and I did not read the paper that was distributed before I came home. I assumed it was Australian's Tet or Dien Bien Phu and thought a bit of "bla bla bla you lost, get over it."

At home, after a little googling, I realized that nothing could have been more wrong, this should not be compared with Tet or Dien Bien Phu, this is compared to the Battle at Thermopylae where the Spartans were 300 + 4900 other Greeks vs about 2-300,000 Persians. Company D from 6 RAR was 105 plus three New Zeländers vs 1500 - 2500, very impressive and something to be proud of.

Company D was probably all related to Paul Hogan (Croc Dundee) and smashed around the jungle sorrounding Long Tan muttering, "That's not a knife, this is a knife".

EMPEROR AIRHEAD has left the building, was the first sign, the other were the black clouds that came. SIR FREE WILLY had just produced the Raffle lottery, when the windswept passing the skies blew half of the lottery tickets away, must have been a kamikaze (divine wind ), because it did not blew mine away.

When I was on the way to the table with the lottery prizes, I get thinking and lose the ability to see any different prize than the absurd combination of 1 can of rat poison + sex lubricant. As in a trance I stretch for it and lift it, no shopping shouting, so I'm stuck with it. Other winners were found, LIBERACE, CASPER, as well as SPERM POLLUTER's daughter Alicia and some others.

My foundations about the strange pricecombination quickly got their response when SPERM POLUTTER's daughter who was a hash Virgin was invited to the circle where the GM told she studied criminology. He asked if she could do a nasty form of perpetrator's profile. FREE WILLY was placed on the ice as a try object. The description that he kills first and rapes after allowed me to look at my lottery win and the combination was now clear, looking for copy cats are we SIR WILLY?

The rest of the circle rained like my notes to a wet mourning. So it was just to start singing "Swing Low" and start running towards the bath buses and go to The Piss for good food and more beer. I'm sure I was in the state of beer hunger where you are "Ah, a dead rat, delicious!". But I still think their food would probably be just as tasty on a normal day.

By the way, what a nice guy LONE WOLF is (and he had nothing to do with me saying that). :-) 

On-On!  Crimson Penis

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