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Another Glorious Monday, no threatening rain clouds on the horizon.

Arriving at the pick up point at the Buffalo Bar, our baht bus was full 20 minutes before the departure time. I made a suggestion that we could leave early, as our new A-Site was in Bang Saray quite a long journey. But the drivers all wanted to leave together. Okay, no problem.

When we left and reached the Sukhumvit Road I found out why. IT WAS A RACE. The white baht bus had a Lady driver, and the other drivers were determined to beat her to the A-Site. Sure enough we made record time in getting to the A-Site.

On arriving safely, SEAL SUCKER made posturing gestures and said, "Thank God the driver didn’t have to brake hard as we would have had hashers spread all over the Sukhumvit Road".

Arriving at the home of UNSTABLE LOAD the circle was set up in the unfinished house next to his. Very civilized, private, and cover in case of rain. Don’t forget Hashers now you know where he lives, there is a free barbecue every Wednesday.

Our illustrious GM MENTAL DISORDER gathered the hashers around him, on the threat of ice, bucket, and announced to shut the whinging ones up. He gave special dispensation to a pregnant hasher and crippled ones to sit in the circle.

Hares instructions given, chalk and paper, sounds like Full Moon Run.

But the concession was by the returning runners and walkers, enjoyable. Thank you Belgians for setting the run.
THE RUN: 8.25 km
THE WALK: 6.2 km

FREE WILLY started the Raffle. And the winners were... MAYO QUEEN, ANDY WHOREHOLE, DEL BOY, DIRT LOONEY, TWO TIME, and an Australian Virgin.

The circle was as expected very entertaining. A good performance by The Best RA in the Hashing World, EMPEROR AIRHEAD. He gave a short history lesson on PH3. In the beginning there was only one group, The Runners, up to the present day which is made up of Runners, Walkers, Shirkers, Crippled Ones, and Beer Hunters.

MENTAL DISORDER iced all and sundry, everyone gets a turn on the ice with him. I was asked to mention our great Hash Flash LONE WOLF. Who was it who mentioned it? Ah yes, LONE WOLF did.

Have to mention DIRT LOONEY, he got his 100 Run Shirt. And it only took 27 years, starting in 1990.

A good day out and thanks again to the hares.

On-On!  Try-A Fuck

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