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PH3 Run 1749 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Bob-A-Gob

HARBOR QUICKSTART and DEL BOY were the first runners back, it was hard to tell which one came first, they were both out of breath for some time after such great exertion and they themselves didn’t know who came first. But they both said they really enjoyed themselves and will come again soon, no doubt. :-)

The Grand Master was THE WIZARD and the Hares were VV, UNSTABLE LOAD and TWO TIME who were put on the ice at the start of the circle, followed shortly after by BEVERLEY HILLS PINK COCK and PEDO PETE as the back-check sticks were only painted on one side, which caused confusion for some of the more dim-witted runners.

GI JOE was the run sweeper today, getting back just before dark. The Beer Hunters found a nice bar and were in good form when they returned to the A site. DUCHESS TADPOLE picked up over 100 discarded plastic bottles from the run and brought them back to the A site so they can be taken for recycling. Well done TADPOLE!

The Raffle consisted of 8 prizes, Gan won 2 prizes, wine and biscuits, ARSE VAN HOLE won the cooker, LOST CAUSE won the vodka (and was she running the Raffle prize draw!), LOVELY LADY won the beer, NIGHT RIDER the shirt, I TOLD YOU HONEY the lolly pops and MR GIGGLE SHIT the Buddha Basket.

WANK-KING’S WANKER took the circle and JACKAL was acknowledged for his 200 Runs, BELL END her 400 and SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD for an incredible 900 Runs, making him the 3rd highest all-time runner. SIR FREE WILLY and PHANTOM were put on the ice because of the mix-up over NIGHT RIDER’s shirt.

The circle was then handed over to SPERM POLLUTER who put GOLDEN RIVET and LOST CAUSE on the ice to celebrate her birthday and the 3 virgins were called to the ice for not wearing Hash shirts, ANTIQUE and LOVELY LADY were also put in the bucket for no hash shirt and also forgetting his paperwork for his motorbike.

BURL IVES was put on the ice for forgetting the words of a song, followed by ARSE VAN HOLE for falling asleep in the Robin Hood Bar and then falling into the fountain (3 times!) at the top of the road from the Robin Hood.

HUNGARIAN HOOKER HUMPER was put on the ice for joining the Tourist Police who are widely acknowledged as a jumped-up bunch of arseholes who have never had any responsibility or authority in their lives yet can come to Pattaya, buy a uniform and then parade up and down Walking Street wallowing in their own self-importance. HUNGARIAN HOOKER HUMPER had also been to the dentist to get his teeth improved, maybe he thinks he’s going to be asked to appear on Hawaii Five O? Fortunately there is medication available for the deluded or misinformed, but there is little than can be done for the down-right stupid.

THE WIZARD and DIRT LOONEY were put in the bucket for organising a superb Lunar Run and even making a profit which was donated to charity. Well done lads, this is most laudable.

RAT VON KIEL led the Belgians’ song, then Bintang led the Hash Hymn in the traditional manner.

On-On!  Bob-A-Gob

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