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PH3 Run 1755 Scribe

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The Octoberfest Run on Monday 23rd October was, by general consensus, one of the best PH3 runs ever and I thought it was certainly the best run I had ever been on, for many reasons. To begin with, it was all down to the planning which was meticulous, thorough and thoughtful and full credit must be given to the hares who were the intrepid STUPID KRAUT KUNT and his merry band of men of mixed nationalities and included VV, RUDI VOELLER, TV, FERRY QUEEN, SUPER VIRGIN, ODD-JOB and BAVARIAN BASTARD.

And it was this cosmopolitan mix of hooligans, oddballs and misfits that made the run soooooo good. Sure, there was an element of camaraderie and a modicum of intelligence thrown in too, but the underlying ethos was that a good time should and must be had by all, and it certainly was. And this is what hashing is all about, and these fine exponents of the art of hashing certainly shined bright. Simple things like choosing an A-site with rain cover in case it rained, special prizes in addition to the Raffle and great food at no extra cost to the runners including fine meats from Bavaria and Luxembourg which must have cost a fair penny all added to the day.

And the tug of war contest was the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. First up were the Philippines ladies vs. the Thai ladies. The Philippines ladies won and the conclusion drawn is that this happened because Philippines ladies are fatter than Thai ladies. Next up were the men, Norway beat England (dragging WHO CUT THE CHEESE into the bucket as England were pulled across the mud in brave defeat).

They were followed by The Belgians vs. Team TQ, naturally the Belgians beat the washed up alcoholics who tried to put up a fight against a far superior team. The only contest missing was Australia vs. New Zealand, which given the thoroughly well-deserved and very timely Australian victory a few days prior in the Bledisloe Cup would have been good to see, but there were not enough Kiwis in attendance to make up their tug of war team, so we’ll have to address that contest another day.

Moving to the run itself, 123 runners enjoyed a pleasant walk and challenging run. MUD CRACKER came first, HARBOUR QUICKSTART was second and PEDO PETE third. HARBOUR QUICKSTART might have won if she hadn’t stopped to pick up an incredible 111 beer mats along the route, which earned her a special prize. Apparently she doesn’t mind coming second or even third but she does appreciate a good strong finish, so I’m led to believe.

The Raffle had a good set of prizes and were won, in ascending order, by STREET CLEANER, TWO TIME, SQUEEZE MY TUBE, THE WIZARD, NIGHT RIDER, SIMONE EBOLA, FLATULENCE, Robert Hyrb and WANK-KING'S WANKER.

Credit must also go to EMPEROR AIRHEAD, SPERM POLLUTER, LONE WOLF and WANK-KING’S WANKER for their part in the day, and also to THE WIZARD who is evolving into a world class Grand Master. All in all, teamwork and planning is what makes days like this memorable and why the PH3 is the greatest hash in the world.

On-On!  Bob-A-Gob

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