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Welcome to Run number 1756, V.V's Sausage Barbecue Run. Seven virgins and one new shoes. Great location and perfect weather saw another 100 plus hashers have a great time. Last minute A site movement didn't detract from a really great run. I was told it was 7.2km and as V.V. is famous for water it was expected to get our feet wet but a back-check straight through knee high boggy mud was a good one.

So circle up, and GM (THE WIZARD) puts the hares on the ice to see what we all thought of the run. Undulating single track and a couple of checks kept the hashers together for the first 4km or so, then a good runners track for the fast boys to race off. No dogs or cattle and a quiet location. So a thumbs up from the circle and a down down for the hares.


EMPEROR AIRHEAD takes the circle and takes a numbers by country poll: Belgium 11, Germany 4, U.S.A. 3, New Zealand 6, Scotland 3, Norway 6, and England 11. FERRY QUEEN and NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER iced for being Sex Fiends... FERRY QUEEN keeps Soi 6 going and NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER for keeping dating sites in business from the Ukraine to China... ha ha.

Virgins into the circle; 3 from New Zealand and 3 from Norway. All looked like front runners to me and all enjoyed the run. CHEESE DICK gets awarded his 50 Run Hat from WANK-KING'S WANKER.

The Grand Master gets all 4 people without hash shirts on to come into the circle to explain why. Three have good enough reasons to escape punishment but "Aussie Tony' has a choice to make... either put on a shirt that the G.M. has brought or sit in the bucket. A quick answer and Tony is handed a wet (dumped in the bucket) hash shirt to put on. But try as he might he can't get it on ... 'cos the G.M. has sewn the arms shut... After a good laugh it's 'In the bucket' for Aussie Tony.

Next it's all English on the ice, not for anything bad but to show off that Lewis Hamilton won the Formula 1 championship and under 17 footballers won the World Cup to join the under 19s who won last month. Next it's welcome back to NO MORE CUM.

He takes the circle and puts me in the bucket for bringing a little stool to the hash. on the ice goes ARSE VAN HOLE who has the Hash Trash toilet seat finally taken off him and passed on to LONE WOLF also on the ice for losing a water bottle off the bus on the way to the hash.

Just for information the G.M. is asked what has first name is. "It's Austin... oh, how come?" "I was conceived in an Austin car". What names would we have if everyone had names where they were conceived. Back of the boys toilet springs to mind ha ha.

On-On!  Arse Bandit

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