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I returned after a one week break only to catch SEAL SUCKER significantly short cutting - not for the first time it must be said. He naturally denied the offence so I advised the jury was out until I investigated further. It seems he fits the definition of SCB (“habitual short cutter”). But this is “a title of esteem in most hashes”. Definitely some mistake there!

However as it was SEAL SUCKER’s 250th outing I give him the benefit of the doubt and also let him finish (just) in front of me as FRB. On the down side it was SPERM POLLUTER who really did all the graft on the trail - which is probably why SEAL SUCKER didn't get a commemorative shirt, as below…..

Anyhow back to scribe duties and with such a big turnout it was a good circle with plenty of highlights at a new A Site, after a run described as too fast by some - suited others though!

EMPEROR AIRHEAD (together with SHITHEAD) was thanked for Raffle contributions, only to designate St Andrew’s Day three days too early. He then tried to deflect this error by suggesting the Hares GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER and BARNACLE BOLLOX did not require DNA testing to demonstrate their human origins.

Thanks to LONE WOLF for continuing Hash Flash duties, christening of PSYCHO NEMO, welcome to EBONY PRINCESS and MR BEAN and Happy Birthday to EMPEROR AIRHEAD and LONE WOLF.

Long Service Awards from SCAR W/2T’S for SEAL SUCKER, GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER (30 Hares) and MENTAL DISORDER (200 Runs). Overwhelmed by his Shirt Award MENTAL DISORDER later pledged he was “not worthy “ to MENSTRUAL DISORDER, on their third Wedding Anniversary.

Despite LORD CHICKEN FUCKER (1092 runs) giving us a Master Class in how to conduct a circle, and firemen present (including NO MORE COME, ANDY WHOREHOLE and ARSE BANDIT) agreeing to inspect the dance poles in BoyzTown, neither won best Act of the evening.

That undoubtedly went to EBONY PRINCESS for performing eight press-ups on three Hashers’ T-shirts - the eruption of camera flashes illuminated the sky!

Keep on moving. See you next week.

On-On!  Home Brew

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