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PH3 Run 1763 Scribe

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The A-site just off Highway 36 was massive, could of quite easily parked 50 Chinese coaches on it. Lots of sign ups today 128 with 22 virgins, word must be getting out about the PH3 Hash! After the hares explain the run the new shoes are dealt with and with not enough time to deal with the 22 virgins we set off.

The run had all the trademarks of a VV run, plenty of checks and back checks kept the pack together, some water, hills and thick bush to climb through. Was great to see so many children running today with their family I think it's important for the future of the hash and they were having a great time, future hares in the making I thinks. Overall the run took me an hour to complete with just over 7k on my GPS.

Back at the A-site we are treated to a lovely meatball and potato in tomato sauce dinner courtesy of the Belgian Hares.

After dinner the circle starts and our GM MENTAL DISORDER ices the hares, 12 in total, so that’s why there’s extra ice today. Everyone agrees it was a good run, me included, well done the hares.

Next SIR FREE WILLY does the Raffle. I had my eye on the large cans of Stella Lager aka wife beater.

Our GM takes the circle again and ices all the hashers going on a trip to Cambodia. RAT VON KIEL challenges them all to see who has the most sex on the trip, NMC wants to know if having a wank counts.

Due to the absence of our esteemed webmaster WANK-KING'S WANKER due to a case of the clap I heard, his good friend SIR FREE WILLY takes the circle and presents the awards for him, that’s what friends are for!

EMPEROR AIRHEAD takes the circle next and announces the On-on Bar next week is TQ’s and they're gonna have snow in the bar for Xmas.

Hares on the ice and they all point to VV as the main hare, apparently he made 300 meatballs used 20k of potatoes and used 3 sacks of tomatoes for the sauce, and still found time to lay a run. This guy is busier now he’s retired then when he was working.

Virgins on the ice all 22 of them a combination of Belgians and Dutch. One of the virgin ladies born in Belgium but had Filipino parents is aptly named a bellapino by EMPEROR AIRHEAD. UNSTABLE LOAD's family are iced next. There’s a mixture of adults and children and one very lovely girl Aileen who at first says she 16 then admits to being 22.

NMC takes the circle next and ices the Cambodia trippers. Apparently they didn’t sign up as Leavers! Naughty, naughty. Next iced is DEL BOY, ARSE BANDIT, PHANTOM and ARSE-HOLEO, all for being ginger before it went grey or fell off.

SCAR W/2T’S takes the circle and ices HARBOR WHORE for holding up the baht bus, SPERM POLLUTER gets the bucket for short-cutting. And finally TELLY TUBBY and DUCHESS TADPOLE are iced and presented with chocolate shaped cocks from VV they devour them with experience.

The hares sing us a song then its on to Nicky's Bar for great food and cheap beer.

Merry Xmas everyone!

On-On!  Stool Mover

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