Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1765 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Extremely Violent Bastard

Back to the Land of Smiles! where we all expect to have more fun and enjoy our holidays! And of course included in our bucket list "The Hash". It's been a while, it's time to get that ass on ice!. And, have some laughs with our Hash lads!

I'm with my virgin Josh Brisket and one of my good mates WHO CUT THE CHEESE and his bird MISS SUDOKU. As normal we met in 3rd Road at the Buffalo Bar. We arrive at the A-site safe and sound. Let the show begin!

In the first circle hares explain the run and as usual there are trails for runners, walkers and short cutters! The front runners arrive then we get our first beer... A bit of sandwich by VV, that makes our day!

Second circle called, the Grand Master iced the sinners! It was a funny story that was told. He give a thousand baht to his bird to buy a pair of shoes. Instead his bird bought some glue for about 75 baht and glued his/her old shoes! When he asked her where is the rest of the money and she replied, "It's in the good hands already!".

Raffle time by SPERM POLLUTER and CASPER!

EMPEROR AIRHEAD's circle, GOLDEN DILDO on ice with Dove. WANK-KING'S WANKER on ice and was awarded the most prestigious award by EMPEROR AIRHEAD "The Evil Genius". And such an evil genius he is! He can even turn on our phones when ever he wants! Ahh! That's criminal!

Ms. Kititukanut got her new hash name BBC (Big Black C..k). And the most powerful Hash Name in this year! FREE WILLY'S LOVE CHILD for Darren Lassman.

Awardee TAMPAX 450 Runs. DEL BOY 100 Runs.

The Hare Song and the Hash Hymn. My holiday will not be the same without the PH3! On! On!

On-On!  Extremely Violent Bastard

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