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It’s mid February in Pattaya and that means love is in the air! (Or is that lust? After all, it is Pattaya). Yep, it was time for the annual Valentine’s Day Run. This year’s edition was held at the entrance to the Asian University, an A-site used many times before. However, instead of being shunted off into the bush, the A-site was actually on the entrance road in front of the gate which is a much better location.

As I was with the Beer Hunters, I can’t really describe the run so let me discuss our day out. Five of us took off on a baht bus for a roadside bar on Phoenix Road. Several bottles of Leo and Chang were consumed on the most fucked up table I’ve ever seen which had a 30 degree tilt to it. Amazingly, no one spilled their beer. After an hour or so, we took the Baht bus back to the A-site where the first runners had already arrived. Lots more beer was consumed. REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD drank every bottle of Chang he could find. A most satisfying day!

The End

What, you say, you want more details? The rest of this report may or may not be true....

Meanwhile , in an alternate universe, the runners took off on a counter-clockwise route around the Asian University. The run was advertised as 8 km in length and the walkers trail at 4 km. Advertised run lengths were accurate according to my sources so the hares didn’t lie this time. In addition, nearly everyone came in about the same time so the checks were very effective at keeping the pack together. Good job hares! Hares were SCAR, BELL STAR, MENTAL DISORDER, and MENSTRUAL DISORDER by the way. Weather was pretty much ideal and cooler than normal for this time of year. I guess Cupid loves the Hash...

Circle was officiated by THE WIZARD, who was standing in for MENTAL DISORDER since he was a hare. He began by giving us a history lesson on how St. Valentine’s Day got started. I’ve already forgotten his explanation but a quick Google search should give you the details if interested.

Organizers of the PH3 Beach Social (held the previous Wednesday at Jomtien Beach) were recognized in the circle. It sounds like it was an excellent time. Although advertised as a fee event, the fee was waived for everyone in attendance. Since it was so popular, maybe it should be done twice a year.

All the Canadians were then put in the bucket. Not sure why but no reason needed as they’re Canucks. One virgin was present, Peter, who hails from Holland, sponsored by BARNACLE BOLLOX. He seemed to really enjoy the Hash and says he will be back next week.

Three awards: VV for 850 Runs, GERMAN SHEPHERD who was given his 300th Run T-shirt and POLE FUCKER who was given his 50th Run T-Shirt.

Harriettes were then brought in the circle. Roses were produced, and given to them by their boytoys who held them in their mouths while kneeling.. Yes, there is romance in the Hash!

NO MORE CUM then took charge of the circle and iced all the Americans because of some obscure football match played in England last week. ANFI later told me a team called the Tottenham Hotspuds beat Arsenal for the first time ever in their sorry existence. As we all know, the real football match of the week was the Super Bowl, which resulted in an upset win for Philadelphia.

Lost property this week was a chair which nobody claimed. It looks like nobody ever will.

After circle concluded, many of us headed to Nicky’s Bar which was this week’s on on bar. I really like this place. The staff always takes good care of the Hash. They laid on a ton of food for us.
It was a very enjoyable day. Well done to the hares and mismanagement!

Your humble scribe

On-On!  CIA

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