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Another Hashing day. But a bit different for two of the Hares. MENTAL and MENSTRUAL DISORDER wake up at 6 am in Phnom Penh and head to the airport to fly to Bangkok. Arriving in Bangkok we raced out of the airport and jump in to a taxi to Pattaya in time for the hash.

KEE MAH went out on Monday to double check the run as it was laid the Wednesday before. A quick phone call from KEE MAH and our trail had stood up to the cyclone that had hit the day before. KEE MAH after checking the trail raced over to BAM BAM’s house to pick up the pea and ham soup that BAM BAM cooked for our run.

Arriving at the A-site with a lot of eager hashers looking forward to a great day. The acting GM for the day THE WIZARD took charge of the circle and called the Hares who explained their run. On the runners return to the A-Site they all agreed it was a hard, challenging, 10k run. G.I. JOE said it was the best run he done that day.

The Hares served up the food and many of them came back for seconds. Thank you BAM BAM for cooking a great meal for our run.

The Hares had some bottles of Jameson’s Scotch which was offered around to all the hashers as shoots, SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD had quite a few ..

The GM called the circle and iced the Hares and once again the comments were fantastic, terrific run. Well done Hares. The Raffle was done by a FREE WILLY look alike, (SPERM POLLUTER), very hard to tell them apart. SPERM POLLUTER who has had a lot of training from FREE WILLY in raffles and the first number he called was his wife CASPER.

The Hares then run an extra Raffle, giving away some patches and the main prize of a bottle of Jameson Scotch. BELL END won the Scotch and was planning to get her husband (BALL RINGER) drunk again for romance. BEN 10 needs a little brother.

After the Raffle the RA’s EMPEROR AIRHEAD, LORD CHICKEN FUCKER, and NO MORE CUM entertained the circle with some amusing stories and WANK-KING'S WANKER did the awards handing out 60 Hared patch to MENTAL DISORDER and announcing a 50 Runs to SMOKEY TRUCKY FUCKY. The hare song was done by the talented BARNACLE BOLLOX.

A special Thanks comes from the PH3 Committee to NO MORE CUM who at the last minute jumped in to drive the beer truck as VV was delayed on his return trip from Belgium. We are very lucky on PH3 to have the greatest RA’s of any hash and also to have hashers like NMC who will drop everything in a minute to help the hash.

Thank you.

On-On!  Mental Disorder

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