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PH3 Run 1779 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Jack Wow

PH3 Run #1779 was a runner's dream! However, for someone suffering from jet lag and who missed the runner/walker split, it was still an excellent 8K run. VV, ZENERGY and BEVERLY HILLS PINK COCK did an outstanding job! The trail had a nice mix of everything and, since VV was a hare, you can always count on getting your feet wet!

There was some unusual excitement at this run. VV tried to sneak the "A" site on to private property. In typical VV fashion, he thought no one would notice in an open field within easy sight of the road 20 cars and baht buses, nearly 100 people, circle stuff, lights, BBQ blazing away (which was delicious) and a general Marti Gras atmosphere. Well, the owner was initially a wee bit upset. However, VV employed the negotiating skills of LOST CAUSE to calm the owner. She was awarded the "Hash Hero" award by RA EMPEROR AIRHEAD for saving the day. There was a rumor LIBERACE may have helped douse the fire with a greasy palm.

The circle was expertly managed by THE WIZARD. I've been away for 6 months and was pleased to see THE WIZARD has developed into a kind and gentle GM. (Wink Wink) He not only praised and encouraged the weak minded, he gave us a history lesson on the woman's suffrage movement in England over 100 years ago! He had a nice leisurely conversation with LOVE BOAT, the Hash Flash, while she relaxed on the ice. THE WIZARD had us all in the palm of his hand as he recounted the story of Emily Dickenson, one of the early suffragettes, who threw herself in front of one of the King's race horses during a race and was trampled to death all just to make a point! That WIZARD, he sure knows how to spellbind a group of attentive drunks! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!!

WANK-KING'S WANKER tried to do the hash award ceremony, but after 5 minutes of mumbling and wandering around in a tight circle, he was led away. I guess we'll have to wait until next week for the results. Me thinks, he never seemed to recover from THE WIZARD politely bring to his attention that, as Webmaster, he posted the wrong hares for this hash and the location was for next weeks run. No worries, he's still loved and respected by all for his tireless contributions to the hash!

RA NO MORE CUM retrieved the Hash Trash Award from GING GANG GOOLIE and returned it to it's more traditional use until there is another violator.

RA SCAR acknowledged the "Death Wish Hero's" GASMAN and GERMAN KUNT KISSER for their never ending drinking marathon. Oh, and obviously, it's still ongoing!

THE WIZARD closed the circle and we all went to Nicky's, the OnON bar, for more delicious food and good cheer!

Bless you all, ya bunch of wankers :-)

On-On!  Jack Wow

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