Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1780 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Beetroot Head

Confusion reigned over transport hashers having to take taxis after the baht buses failed to show up, many thanks to G.I. JOE and THE WIZARD for sorting the shit out.


The run was well laid with plenty of checks and back checks, front runners yours truly breaking all the checks as usual leaving DEL BOY and SEAL SUCKER in my dust, Runners and walkers finished together.

On arriving back at the A site we were greeted with a Songkran splash from the hares and a nice feed.

Circle circled by the GM MENTAL DISORDER, iced the hares, all agreeing it was a shitty trail.

The Raffle called with FREE WILLY giving away the usual dodgy prizes, many passing on the offerings. Hash Heroes G.I. JOE and THE WIZARD were iced for sorting out the transport, no good deed goes unpunished.

AIRHEAD ices NO MORE CUM and WANK-KING'S WANKER for poor barber choices, then the hares got a turn, UNSTABLE LOAD had a nice nice soak in the bucket for allowing his wife and child to do all the work.

GASMAN and FERRY QUEEN iced for having having potty mouths and their after hours antics with Ladyboys, Again.

GERMAN KUNT KISSER and STUPID KRAUT KUNT iced for something about a lost phone and a flying carpet.

MD back icing the virgin and then Puerto Galera away team iced for the sake of it.

THE WIZARD in and ices DIRT LOONEY for having the Wankers Spoon and then he passes on the Wankers Spoon to MENTAL DISORDER for arranging a cleaner to arrive a day late and sending texts at 4am to THE WIZARD.

SCAR in, STUPID KRAUT KUNT iced for being Popeye and not socializing on a trip to Koh Chang and Trat.

Ices people for not showing up in the first circle, namely GASMAN, WANK-KING'S WANKER, REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD and STUPID KRAUT KUNT, obviously they were all Beer Hunters who had headed off to a jungle bar prior to the first circle.

ARSE BANDIT iced for wearing a Gay T-shirt, GING GANG GOOLIES iced for wearing gay pink shorts.

NO MORE CUM in and ices PAPRIKA SMILEY, STUPID KRAUT KUNT and ARSE BANDIT for not showing up to the Gay Fondue Party at his condo.

SEAL SUCKER iced for being quote “A lazy fuck shit checker”. GASMAN iced for the normal born illegitimate Aussie stuff.

MENTAL back in talking about sex and ladyboys because MENSTRUAL is away and he isn’t getting any. TAMPAX in to sing a love song to LOVE BOAT as she is shipping out and she was wearing a dodgy pregnancy smock, just what has been going on with these two ???

Hash Hymn ending the night.

Once again many thanks to the hares for the great feed they put on at their expense.

On-On!  Beetroot Head

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