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Let's hear it for those working behind (and in front) of the scenes, week in week out, to make the PH3 happen without fail. As exemplified by this week's Scotch on the Rocks. GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER, REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD and DIRT LOONEY laid the Trail, arranged a raffle with prizes, provided food and drink and entertainment (in that distinctive Celtic manner) and subsidised the whole event (contrary to the frugality normally attributed to the Scots.......). Also Acting GM THE WIZARD and EMPEROR AIRHEAD demonstrating careful preparation in order to entertain and enliven the proceedings- possibly !

Meanwhile back on the Trail I was focusing more on not falling over- again - rather than the detail of route. However I managed to join the usual FRB's DEL BOY, DIARRHEA, SEAL SUCKER and BEVERLEY HILLS PINK COCK before the finish of a clocked 8 kms rather sandy terrain . Only to be greeted by a welcoming crowd of one person - GLORIOUS CLITORIOUS.

Circle opening formalities having been concluded by Acting GM THE WIZARD, we were treated to a rendition by the Hares of 'Flower of Scotland' (first 5 verses only....) After two raffles this week, FUNNY BUNNY was presented with her 50 Runs Hat by WANK-KING'S WANKER.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD demonstrated his usual preparedness (except for mispronouncing Celtic.....) by giving a history of the multi functional belted plaid (blanket, clothing and accommodation), the forerunner to the "modern" Scottish kilt which only arrived in 1720 courtesy of an English inventor (that can't be right.....) He welcomed Virgins David and Steph from "unpronounceable " Chichester before inviting Scottish dressers and Belgian cross dressers to the ice..

Acting GM THE WIZARD then gave EMPEROR AIRHEAD the Hash Crash for fouling up the site, before handing out new PH3 End of Season Awards from nominations in each category .(1) Fastest Fat F***er - DEL BOY; (2) Jekyll and Hyde - DIRT LOONEY; (3) THRUSH (irritating c**t)- WANK-KING'S WANKER; (4) Going Backwards - ARSE BANDIT; (5) Laziest Check Breaker - SEAL SUCKER; (6) Worst Dressed Hasher- GING GANG GOOLIES; and (7) Prince of Perspiration - CANNONBALL. After 3 rounds of elimination based on volume of non-support, DEL BOY was declared overall winner! THE WIZARD then reassigned the 'Wanker of the Week' wooden spoon from ARSE BANDIT to GING GANG GOOLIES) before relieving yours truly of the Hash Crash for 2 weeks good service. During the Hash Trash proceedings the Americans were iced for no- one claiming the Arnie S t-shirt, and SPERM POLLUTER was presented with unclaimed Trash for his newly constituted Pattaya Hash called.....

After the Hares leading "Sukanya" with song sheets they were thanked again by THE WIZARD and proceedings were brought to a close in the usual way.

Keep on running or walking ( or both! ).

See you in June.

Hares Song - Sukanya

I’m so young and you’re old
You’ve had a baby I’ve been told
I don’t care what my friends say
I’ll pay you’re bar fine any day
You and I shall never part
I’ll give you five hundred baht
CHORUS: Oh please go down on me Sukanya.

I bought you a house and a brand new car
In the TQ you’re a star
You go out late every night
Come home at noon, Oh what a sight
In your heart I’ll always stay
As long as I can pay, pay, pay
CHORUS: Oh please go down on me Sukanya

You gave me clap and you wear gold
My motorcycle you have sold
To pay my bills at Adam and Eve
The fruits of love are never free
All I ask is one more suck
But you don’t even give a fuck
CHORUS: Oh please go down on me Sukanya.

Your Thai husband threw me out
Tell me what it’s all about
Now you’re into sniffing glue
Does this mean that we are through?
I love you with all my heart
So don’t cut off my private part
CHORUS: Oh please go down on me Sukanya.

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