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They told me to piss off and it it started to rain but then the circle started and the sun came out I started out with the hairs on the on the ice added ice wrap on Keele and Evie and Mayo Queen all the Belgium spelled wrong but they brought new versions to restock security was provided by I missed his name for the a site talk to me about it on the bus on the way home it was decided the Run was wet and wild just like we like it Frankie the Virgin will return next week as it was so good wet and wild Free Willy brought the rain back and the raffle with great many prizes and the Virgin won the first draw in the Belgian continued on the next

So phone stopped here.

Going back and paraphrasing too. Please send me the link or I will go look when I have time.


Continue with Mayo Clinic Yankee cranky brought USA into the Winner's Circle the count one the beer and the rat Bond hair the hair took the bunny must be a rig drawing ever ever won head head came in dressed in in the face 3 so toilet and Isis the hairs again with vivi's great barbecue and discuss yin yang Ghoulies was iced for trashing the circle and the a sight word in the toilet seat and to go with the spoon from last time Knight Rider and mr. Cheap price for Germany and blame the Americans for the 4th of July and reminisced about the run of the asses and hotdogs and then it turned to boil or barbecue Cox in the circle cheer The Virgins chose to take the ice and enjoy the Ambiance that was very evident in the circle psycho Nemo was helping

Psycho Nemo is helping the great the great scribe take notes unbelievable she cried out in ecstasy and while I was talking Sammy the virgin and friends moved to the bucket the GM Oz brought Miss use me to the ice for her birthday with cakes and candles from the Harriet's the uofl came and took everyone to the outer space Circle bull ringer was called by wanking wanker gave him his 650 runs award and there was a lot of controversy weather was 600 or 650 but when he returned to his chair he told me it was 6:50 so I'll take his word because because hashers Never Lie

ASP and it kept the paper dry and everything else wet and wild thanks for the Scribe from The Scribe reload reload was ice for following Hazard by Sandra told his Thai fine award the wanker of the week and was awarded the wanker of the week return to the ice for Kilt action from the past and sadistic bastard gave them a song to let them go but GM brought sadistic bastard and dirty to the eyes and then bucket for Looney something about stay tuned for next year while we learned about Scots and the world as a virgins Cry by I'm still trying to figure out about Oz and is tight Scott asses they are saying a song to the face you had to be here goodnight

it stopped and a bit wrong so off again

hope i owe u??

The hair sing a song to the monkey face you had to be here Circle close with the Belgium's doing the Hashim good night and God bless

so 14 minutes for rewrote or i typed but missed write. Ask Tarn to scribe next week?? That could be....

On-On!  Psycho Strangler

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