Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1795 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Sir RSB and Emperor Airhead

A very strange day out... After the "Blood Red" Moon eclipse on Early Monday morning, I knew that today would go down in our History !

Celebrating the longest Monday Hash Marriage at 34 years, we were all happy to wish the WILLY Family many more.... They are indispensable to things running smoothly, and allowing us to drink cheap beer. The Love struck couple met in Pattaya in 1965. She was the innocent girl selling coconuts on the beach: he was robbing 7-11's..... Married in just 90 days, she moved to dingy, cold England to live on fish and chips. Eventually the lovers moved back to Pattaya and have helped our Hash immensely for over 16 years!

The run today was on a windswept archipelago hidden from view on the sea. As the waves crashed and the wind howled, WILLY pointed In a general direction and the pack was off!

The Beer Hunters settled in to a Thai family bar on the beach and we were delighted to see the family had an enormous pig as a pet . Bigger than WILLY, but not as dangerous, it was like a 200 kilo dog. As the pig wagged it's tail and ate crisps the front runners came by, shouting, "No Paper!". That was what the Beer Hunters were waiting for, and remembering the Grand Master's new rules opened their beer cans before carrying them back to NIGHTRIDER's camp.

A very good attempt by WILLY and FLIPPER, but some swine stole the paper! The Raffle was tense as the girls battled the rest of the circle for the stuffed seal fluffy toy....

Hares iced again ... but the ice had disappeared !! The lovely Sasha from England entertained us, just coming from hashing in Japan ....the crowd went wild when they found out her hash name was "BARBIE" !

CHICKEN FUCKER, a Hashing National Treasure, stepped in to give the English a hard time. Asking tough questions, but always with lots of humour.....

A lame hares song and off to celebrate at Nicky's Bar. A great Hash Bar for Real Hashers....

On-On!  Sir RSB and Emperor Airhead

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