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PH3 Run 1797 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Velcro Dick

Monday once more and off for the run. This time on a new A-site with limited parking space. While we were waiting for all to be signed up the sneaky GM comes up and says, "You are the scribe today." Well, what can you do? I liked it better when circle was asked, "Any voluntary scribe?".

New shoes was dealt with, a virgin and a so-called "US Marine". More on that later. Hares called in to the circle to explain the run, and off we went straight into some shiggy jungle, and that was good bye for the self proclaimed US Marine. To many flies, dangerous, too hot..., etc. So back to town he went.

When we got back to the A-site, VV was selling his barbecue hot dogs and everyone was relaxing and waiting for the slow front runners to arrive back to the A-site. I was approached by the Beer Hunters that complained that the front runners were too slow.

Finally, GM called the circle and first to be called to the ice which were BEVERLY HILLS PINK COCK and DEL BOY for being too slow. Hares next to grace the ice. Vote was good to superb run even though we were missing some normal water traps on VV’s runs.

FREE WILLY was handed over the circle for Raffle time. A lot of different prices were won.

GM took back the circle and wanted all knee-operated on ice VV, ZENERGY, RAT VON KIEL, BALL RINGER, and SHIT ON MY SHIRT.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD was given circle and iced the hares. Hares had to bribe the owner of land that showed up but not sure if they got the correct one. EMPEROR was very happy with A-site as it was flat and without any holes. EMPEROR telling us a story of former girlfriend got knocked up by the motorcycle guy. Lucky you that you didn’t get the blame .

Naming friend of DIRTY HARRY he was a 59 years old railway worker. DIRTY HARRY told that he was a katoey chaser. Final name given by the circle KATOY EXPRESS.

Circle back to GM who put KATOY EXPRESS and DIRTY HARRY in the bucket. TWO TIME, LIPOVITAMIN, WHO CUT THE CHEESE and SADISTIC BASTARD on ice to find out if good friends or not. Not.

Circle to WANK-KING'S WANKER who called in RAT VON KIEL 100 runs, DIRT LOONEY 150 runs and TWO TIME 250 runs. Next up was VELCRO DICK, in twice for 400 runs and then the run shirt. LIPOVITAMIN called in for 5 hares.

GM handed back circle and iced SADISTIC BASTARD and WHO CUT THE CHEESE into the bucket for talking. GING GANG GOOLIES on ice had birthday last week 69 years old, Got Hashy Birthday song.

Circle handed over to THE WIZARD and he iced the GM. Okinawa boys were the subject especially John, the US Marine. All Americans on ice for being loosers. Was the GM being lied to?

Next SEAL SUCKER and BOB-A-GOB for 'Wanker Of The Week' Award with SS holding the award for three weeks in a row. Bob-A-Gob returned to Thailand in Business Class but his 14 year-old daughter had to fly on Economy. BOB-A-GOB got the 'Wanker Of The Week' Award.

Circle handed back to GM who iced ZENERGY with horny LIPOVITAMIN sitting on his lap. GM said they were snuggling and cuddling beside the Beer Truck, no time to wait until home. GM was not sure if she was searching for wallet or private parts!

Next calling in the Hares to sing us a song. RAT VON KIEL was performing the Hares Song while the Hares occupied the ice. Also the two Katoey Chasers, DIRTY HARRY and KATOY EXPRESS in the bucket as it was a ladyboy song.

Virgin Jenny from Korat grade 6, 13 years old sponsored by HARRY’S PINK CAMEL who is her mother.

Final Hash Hymn song by BEN 10 who picked three guys to help. Then it were off to Blue Heeler for more beers and good food.

On-On!  Velcro Dick

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