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"And Monday is a hashing day". Oh yes it is. After more than 1800 Runs in almost 35 years (only 4 months to go for the birthday – sign up in time!), it’s time for our run number 1 (+ 1800). For myself it was my biro (as sword) to race on the track with the Beer Hunters. Back to the Future.

And it became a bia (=beer) tracking: to not get off the track on 9/11, so that I can not miss my airplane (as some like to do when they are leaving), on the (to)morrow on the war of today, I decided to fly for one time with the fellowship of SRSB. In a hazy bus start at the Buffalo (thanks for the sauce, Goose), the next Songtaew with (6 + 2 who were not there the whole time) Beer Hunters, arrived in a small place. Aboard, we had already 100 Pipers, which made it a first class trip.

Over there: unfortunately, only two hands to slurp all the beer. Old and wise man, don’t need all that stretching and training in life anymore. So, those Beer Hunters prefer, with their grey hair and long beard after all those years, to contemplate and have a drink (beer brewed to international standards). Those who are interested in their rules, interested in how they solve the world problems around their own round table, follow them one time …

Amazing it was, how in the start the front runners tried to catch the Beer Hunters truck, and at the end, back at the A-site, the Beer Hunters just arrive in time before the first runners arrived. Like I already said : AMAZING …

Impressed by all the perfect timing and the liberalness until now, our drinking celebration (before 9/11) stops here, when the first front runners come in : NIGHT RIDER, SPEEDO PETE and DIRT LOONEYGI JOE just missed the podium – THE WIZARD had the holy number 7

As a would be scrutineer, I went on research how the walk and run were, but the drunks, with no memory anymore, didn’t tell anything to the Belgian snake from the today press, who also walked 3 times around all the garbage (even that didn’t help either). Later on, when the sky coloured red, the GM (THE WIZARD today) started the circle, the lights went on and the filmshow (that must go on) could start. Here we go :

GM found out that :
1) The sticks were nice, but too heavy;
2) For BALL RINGER, it was a nearly walk on the run;
3) GI JOE : for a bunch of nits, the hares did quite well
4) for the rest, I heard only forfeit numbers after the scrutiny SO the conclusion by GANGREEN was :
5) Fucking well done (followed by a down down) for the 3 Hares who like coffee, kiwi and 100 Pipers (today, you could taste and feel and … the combination).

Further on, I was only interested in the three sexy panties in white, pink and black, so I forgot all the rest of WILLY’s Raffle coffee machines.

On the ice : GKW, SIR SPAG and WANK-KING’S WANKER : the 3 most skinny’s didn’t wear a hash shirt last week, but a Beer Hunters shirt. They are the “non-hashing-wearing”. Further on : JACK WOW (greetings from the film industry) – dancing minister : GI JOE

Numbers from WANK-KING’S WANKER :
1) The couple SHIT ON MY SHIRT and MASTER CHEF reached together 100 + 100 = 200 Runs .
2) NIGHT RIDER for 250 Runs, while that sneaky GING GANG GOOLIES had to sit on the ice. Song from BB (King) went about a nicrophiliae (no, I don’t know anything about Latinize) .
3) 50 Runs Shirt for DREGGS, the hare : let us all drink a coffee on that –
4) 200 Runs T-shirt for STEPTOE : congratulations for Bob, he gave us a great song to celebrate.

GM back in charge to ice : NIGHT RIDER (car-accident, no car anymore ? he can get drunk now) and CANNONBALL (laughing strange), TURD BURGLAR for too much talking (strong GM) and WKW in the bucket (very strong GM).

Time for the religious part - the great LORD fucked some of the following chickens :
a) Hares : garbage shoes for the coffee man DREGGS (looking like Cinderella). He got magic shoes handed over by another Aussie, CRAPPER.
b) WKW : lost his home 2 weeks ago, was sleeping in the Blue Heeler and pissed on the carpet ---? what will we eat tonight ?
c) Fashion show from LORD CHICKEN FUCKER for socks, knitted by a very old lady from an unwanted country (looks like my grey socks in the winter) – THE CURSE ???
d) TURD BURGLAR had some sex in London. BALL RINGER, who is also from London, was iced for interrupting the RA (song for TB and him)
e) MY GIRLFRIEND KNOWS I’M GAY : feet in the bucket to clean her shoes.

GM again for BOB-A-GOB’s chick’s name : HOT GOB (gorgeous name, isn’t it ?) – STEPTOE gets the circle : center for disease control, TURD BURGLAR.
Further on : WKW on the ice for taking notes – DIRT LOONEY gets 'Wanker of the Week'.

Special announcement : don’t forget the 35th anniversary event in January 2019, hereby officially introduced by the GM, THE WIZARD, who will cooperate for this with DIRT LOONEY !!! Celebration song was followed by SPEEDO PETE.

Unfortunately, many had left already when the song of the hares, reminded us about “Diane”. The beer truck got closed for the last down-downs. Don’t forget this in the future. …

TURD BURGLAR, for a note, fell out of the sky, the chicken didn’t.

A turnout from 70% from the people on the four baht busses, brought me to the first food lounge of the stop, in my going to the Airport. Around 11 o’clock evening, I left the box on the highway to hell(sinki), with “the crazy little fuck”, who gave me some good evenings. …

ON-ON, from the most clumsy scribe of today,

On-On!  My Girlfriend Knows I'm Gay

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