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PH3 Run 1806 Scribe

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91 runners I was told. High season coming and they are starting to show up (including me after 6 months in Canada). Lots of old timers who I haven't seen in years including TEENY WEENY, FERRY QUEEN, SUPERVIRGIN, KATOY MAGNET, TESTICLES, PROFESSOR PINKY, FOWL FUCKER, and STEAK MAN who brought along a 1988 Hash sheet which will be attached here somewhere.

Hares UNSTABLE LOAD and family laid out a 4 km and a 8 1/2 km run to suit all abilities, as well as the increasingly popular Beer Hunters run led on by the charging REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD. The run was well laid out, most of it being in shade through oil palm plantations with lots of nice scenery and of course it's rainy season so everything was green. Food was supplied by the hares after the run, probably why the large turnout. They say it was good but I'll never know cause I missed the short run turnoff and ended coming in last on the long run so, as the Filipinos say, there was WALLA food left.

RIP and moment of silence for hasher GERMAN KUNT KISSER by STUPID KRAUT KUNT, just a young guy who had a motorcycle accident last week.

Also RIP this week from cancer was THUMPER of the La Union Hash in the Philippines who had around 1000 runs there and was very well liked.

Another amazing circle by EMPEROR AIRHEAD, we just keep taking him for granted, don't we? 450 runs for BELL END.

Numerous icings, the Norways, the Canadians, the English, the Belgiums and the Americans who could not escape the Trump jokes and testimony of witnesses that a bunch of US Navy women were observed barhopping, all of them in the 120kg range. DIRT LOONEY wanted to sit with the English but they wouldn't have him.

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER wrote some Down Down songs earlier in the day, all involving genitalia which he cheerfully sang whenever he got the chance.

All in all, another great PH3 Hash run, lots of friends coming together and lots of beer..........

On-On!  Kee Mah

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