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PH3 Run 1807 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Love Boat

Every single hasher was in time for the bath-buses even though this was the first time the prompt 3 o'clock departure took place (winter schedule). Are we not an intelligent bunch?

Lovely tour to the A-site which was an old one but not used for a long time. There has been a lot of manure lying there preventing us using it. Now someone (the hares?) had cleaned the place up and it's a perfect site with that little open house.

We arrived safely to the Oktoberfest Run and the first circle dealt with two virgins, reminded us to put our coins in the box at the beer truck (charity for children, initiated by DIRT LOONEY) and of course told us about the run. For a change checks were white. Back-checks blue as usual.

STUPID KRAUT KUNT informed us we needed to form teams for playing games after the run. And the runner who found the most beer mats on the run would be rewarded.

Since VV was one of the hares we anticipated water and we got water, water and muddy slides. Also high grass and long stretches where running was possible. An excellent run and the hashers helping each other when too steep and muddy??. We came back to the A-site after a (for me) 8k run. All rcvd a beer mat with a number on it. Yet one more raffle!

All eight! hares were put on the ice. All runners liked the run.

First (FREE WILLY) raffle started. Many female winners: LOST CAUSE, Nang and friend (Octoberfestgirls), I MAU TICKLE ME PINK, LADY FLIPPER, BELL END. And the men FLYING FINN, SPEEDO PETE and CHICKEN DUNDEE.

MD took the circle and iced FERRY QUEEN and Philip from the Lucky Love with the two Oktoberfest girls. Evidently MD don't believe in true love because he was insinuating that the girls wanted other things like money or jewellery from the men.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD iced the hares and in a subordinate clause wondered why the Saudis needed 15 men when one should have been enough.... himself maybe? He complimented the hares on the trail and on no rain and they explained that they had a human sacrifice which they didn't have to use. FERRY QUEEN was happy for that.

Next to be iced was SPERM POLLUTER who was awarded Hash Hero since he in an emergency helped SKK with transport and at the same time helped THE WIZARD with something else. Supersuperhero is more appropriate.

GASMAN and FERRY QUEEN iced for being pervs on Soi 6.

Two virgins iced, Ernie Goldsmith and Glenn Vidar. Glenn wore slippers for the run. He's from Norway....

SKK took the circle and the tug of war-game began. Women groups against each other. Brexit against Belgium. Norway against America.
The final was between America and Belgium and suddenly FW was American and stood solid as a rock which rendered America the victory.

Then the beer mat raffle started with very nice prizes for example J├Ągermeister sunglasses, raincoats, beer openers and much more. All prizes supplied by the hares.

FERRY QUEEN awarded by W-KW for haring 5 runs. DIRT LOONEY and LADY SQUEEZE MY TUBE put on the ice and everyone sang the birthday song. Not that it was the correct day but a song is always welcome.

THE WIZARD put MUHAMMED THE SMILING NORWEGIAN and SPERM POLLUTER on the ice. And suddenly the Wanker of the Week was taken from MTSN and given to SPERM POLLUTER. What a fall from supersuperhero...

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER welcomed LONE WOLF without icing him. Thanked him and welcomed him back as the Hash Flash. He has done a hand operation and can now handle the camera and could therefore take a nice pic of LCF and the Oktoberfest girl, which was presumably LCF motive for bringing LW in the circle.

RSB did the hare song and after that the Hash Hymn ended the very pleasant Oktoberfest.

I might have forgotten some sleazy words or sex allusions so instead this song is a little equivocal.....or not.

If the ocean was whiskey
and you were a duck,
you'd swim to the bottom
and drink it all up.

But the ocean ain't whiskey
and you're not a duck,
so you go out hashing
and have a good... time.

On-On!  Love Boat

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