Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1809 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Seal Sucker

It's good to be back in Pattaya for the Monday Run after hashing on the Pattaya Monkey 4th Outstation Run in the Philippines. A fun day was had by all that attended. October is a good month to be in that neck of the woods as every weekend is a Anniversary Run for four different hash kennels, So don't forget to sign up early for 2019.

The baht bus arrives at a familiar A-Site, about a month ago GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER, DREGGS and I hared a run from here but mostly on the other side of the road.

G M MENTAL calls first circle to get the show on the trail so to speak. SPERM POLLUTER gets to drink a nice cold Chang beer on a rather hot afternoon from his new shoes, he mumbles under his breath that hopefully they will be fast enough to beat SEAL SUCKER. Wrong.

The hares are called in to explain the trail. LCF, PHANTOM, TAMPAX and SIR FREE WILLY. TAMPAX looking a bit like Lady Ga Ga with a microphone wrapped around his head as he explains the trail at least four times to the idiots not listening. And he also mentioned tampax are on special next month, no strings attached, just for the xmas period .

We head out on trail in the blistering heat - so much for it getting cooler in November. To our surprise after a couple simple checks we start winding up a mountain then we go down a mountain then we went up a mountain then we go around a mountain. Unbelievable. It was more like a bush run than a Monday affair.

The run was nick-named Broke Back Mountain due to the fact SFW broke the back of the Elephant that had to hump him up down and all around. For such a tough trail. No one of any importance got lost.

Back at the A-Site the circle is called to disorder and being 5th November there is a Guy Fawkes theme and the hares explain he was one of many that tried to blow up Parliament centuries ago. The Chinky's really loved him because they sell billions $$$ of fireworks to the nutters that let them off.

G.M MENTAL calls the circle and SIR FREE WILLY's Raffle is a great success with many hashers gleeful with their elaborate and expensive prizes.

Virgin De Meat Tree from Greece is welcomed. Awards are dished out. TWINKLE DICK is iced as he is back from Gay U.S.A. NO MORE CUM is iced for girlfriend's husband going down on him, SPERM POLLUTER wished he was the husband.

TAMPAX starts the band up and sings a nice song all the cracks can dance to and enjoy.

Whoosh up goes the Guy a spectacular show, GI JOE gets a fright and has to change his diapers. A good day was had by all.

BURL IVES sings hare song, down downs drunk.

On-On!  Seal Sucker

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