Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1812 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Antique

The PH3 converge on a Mega A site large enough for a Inter Hash just off the Siam Country Club road. Luckily no strong sun as no shade.

The first circle was brought together with music being made by the Scottish Choir. This led the GM THE WIZARD in to a Music Quiz with GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER and SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD predictably in the Bucket.

I was surprised we had a run as VV was laid out on top of the Bus Saturday. But such a Hardy Veteran managed to get paper out. So the Hares who gave us clues as what to expect but no distances. The runners where away first with the walkers following.

Having followed on a Dusty Dirt Road we found what looked like a split and I waved goodbye to the runners. It was then on through a Cattle Ranch in the Trees with a anxious farmer looking on. Everybody walked, and with SPEEDO PETE missing there was no stampede. The walk then progressed at a steady pace back to the Beer Truck. I noticed that one of the virgins took a phone call from ARSE BANDIT to ask if she was OK. Not a problem I was looking after her.

Once the runners were back in, the VV Barbecue was in full swing and Beer and softies were been demolished. GM THE WIZARD called the second circle together and had problems keeping GING GANG GOOLIES under control as he had a bottle of Jagmeister offering tasters.

SIR FREE WILLY then took the circle for his magic Goodies Raffle which he gets off the back of a wagon weekly. I believe the lucky winners went something like this: POCKET SOCKET - Tigger without friends, RUNNING DEER - Belgium Chocs, LIBERACE - Wall Clock, SPEEDO PETE - Box Chocolates, TICKLE ME PINK - Wine, THE WIZARD - Vodka, TELLY TUBBY - Hash Rag selection, DUCHESS TADPOLE - Whiskey, RAMPANT RABBIT - Candy, LADY FLIPPER - got SIR FREE WILLY again, and GENERAL KIDNEY WIPER - Some Box or other.

With WANK-KING'S WANKER supposedly hospitalized after LONE WOLF's Birthday Party it was SIR FREE WILEY who stepped in to do the awards. PINK DOLPHIN - 100 Runs, MENSTRUAL DISORDER - 200 Runs, and SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD - 800 Runs.

Our Famous International RA EMPEROR AIRHEAD takes over going back to properly thank the ladies for under terrible conditions continued to smile on their Loy Krathong Run. It was hard to get them all in to the circle as DUCHESS TADPOLE was hosting a Gin Palace gathering! We had a visiting RA PUSSY DRIVER from the Bahrain Black Hash who wanted to take over the circle. AIRHEAD could reminisce of when he was also in the Desert. The PUSSY DRIVER failed to impress when he could not do a Beaver Down Down on ice. Instead it went down as Beer abuse and Wimp trick.

The ever popular MOHAMED THE SMILING NORWEGIAN had been asking for a name change which he was duly re-christened the SMILING NORWEGIAN.

AIRHEAD went back in to reminiscing with KARAMBA about when AIRHEAD was up for anything. I remember when he as a FRB and now he still is to the BEER HUNTERS abode. It was all good Fun with talk of Base Jumping, Car Crashes, Plane crashes and the Masons.

Not least we have the nasty Norwegian SCAR W/2TS. He did not have much time this week but managed to catch 2 Hashers busy on their phones instead of enjoying the circle. They were put on ice and all they could say to questioning was Ha Ha. Sorry I do not know there names so will call them Team HA HA. MONGOOSER was caught without a Hash Shirt and the squealer got them both in the Bucket.

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER came to the circle to give us a full oral and visible description on how he got lost with a virgin the previous week. Just like he was in the Jungle again he ran around like a Headless Chicken calling to be saved by the Big G up in the sky. Amazingly the Virgin MICHAEL came back to the Hash this week. Good on Ya.

That’s enough!

On-On!  Antique

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