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Well, today's special event was an end of year's Awards ceremony conducted by (Acting) GM THE WIZARD for Under Achievers. There is certainly no shortage of candidates in any of the following categories but THE WIZARD had kindly produced short lists to ease the duration of the proceedings.......
1 "You wouldn't know they were here". Nominees - CRAPPER, SHE'S THE BOSS, PHANTOM. Winner - CRAPPER.
2 "Doesn't know what's going on". Nominees - CRAPPER, ARSE BANDIT, GING GANG GOOLIES, WANK-KING'S WANKER. Winner - WANK-KING'S WANKER.
3 "Incorrigible short cutters". Nominees GI JOE, TAMPAX. Winner - TAMPAX.
4 "Serial misbehavers in Circle". Nominees - BOB A GOB, SIMONE EBOLA), WANK-KING'S WANKER. Winner - BOB A GOB.
5 "Hasn't learnt a down down song". Winner - UNSTABLE LOAD.
7 "Winner of winners"- BOB A GOB, who in an emotional ceremony, received his award from the previous incumbent LORD CHICKEN FUCKER.

Previously, in the Circle there were plenty of comments to the Hares, after being invited in by THE WIZARD, about both the A Site and the Trail. In a word, GRADIENTS, and severity of same with references to cessation of breathing, heart attacks and other minor ailments .... SPERM POLLUTER noted even the Beer Truck was parked up on a hill. The author experienced additionally a lengthy tapioca field section which stretched out the runners and meant x2 FRB's, one of whom was SPEEDO PETE, could not be overhauled on the On In. Look forward to next time guys!

EMPEROR AIRHEAD continued the GRADIENT theme observing that the Beer Truck above the Ice was unchocked, thereby threatening the iced Hares! However the Ice itself had been leveled, avoiding the alternative prospect of the Hares riding the Ice down the slope and into the helpless Circle members gathered below.....
Moving on, other themes of the day covered verbosity (FLYING FINN), raconteurs (GING GANG GOOLIES, REAL OLD, SHIT ON MY SHIRT, awards (BELL END, LOST CAUSE), visitors (SCREAMING SEMEN, SCREAMING FOR SEMEN), cricket (SPERM POLLUTER), soccer (NO MORE CUM) and, in a grand finale..... CENSORED (for some of the audience at least!)

See you next time- keep on hashing.

On-On!  Home Brew

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