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Another great run by the Belgian team enjoyed by over 100 sign up hashers and 1 virgin. To the hares(all 14) a great run and very good circle.

The hares had to pull a couple of rabbits out of the hat to save the day. First, a new A Site had to be found and established as the old quarry previously used was being quarried again. Hares well done, a great A Site! Second. the french fries supplier and cook (MY GIRLFRIEND KNOWS IM GAY) let them down at the last minute causing them to improvise by substituting chipped shaped Belgian cheese for French fries. ( DELICIOUS ) And third, having to co-ordinate and organise the event in two languages.

An interesting run, lots of long back checks, long narrow hilly tracks frustrating runners caught behind the walkers. New tracks through long grass and surprisingly no water for a run VV was involved with. Nearly as good as the amazing run on the previous Monday. 555.

The circle was filled with history, humor and laughter. NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER's drunken night out, being seriously ill and then being awoken by billowing smoke aand discovering his 200,000 baht front doors on fire and destroyed.

The lady boy was a great source of entertainment on several occasions throughout the night, once when VV slipped into his new briefs, and a couple of other times when (he she) got a glimpse of hashers family jewels on the ice.

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER is always a great sauce of laughs with quick wit and humor when he bought up SCAR W/2T'S operation and then later on when he started telling a story about a girl with a bee in her pussy.

Donations of Vodka to the raffle by SKIING FINN was appreciated. The sharing of Jagermeister by RUDI VOELLER was warmly received. The cheese supplied by the Belgian hares was delicious.

A great circle to the end.

On-On!  Dreggs

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