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PH3 Run 1822 Scribe

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What a great day for a Hash, blue sky’s and the birds are singing. We arrived at the A-Site, a beautiful A-site with a lovely lake.

But this run started couple of weeks ago, when BEETROOT HEAD and ARSE BANDIT were asked to fill a vacant spot. Both of them were very excited and went out straight away to do the Recce for there run. The excitement still in there bodies they couldn’t wait to lay the trail so 5 days before there run they laid their trail.

But trouble struck as the PJH3 were running in the same area the day before our run. Their Hares found some of the paper and checks and they thought wow, free paper and free checks. BEETROOT HEAD and ARSE BANDIT were that worried and couldn’t sleep that night and went out early on the Monday morning to retrieve the borrowed paper and checks. ARSE BANDIT also had a big decision to make on the Monday to stay sober and fix the run or get drunk and stuff the run. He decided to stay sober and fixed the run.

The circle was called by the new GM THE WIZARD who looked a little bit nervous and thinking very hard, a big decision he had to make, do I put WANK-KING'S WANKER in the bucket now or wait until he interrupts me. He waited and it wasn’t long before WANK-KING'S WANKER was in the bucket.

The Hares explained their run and off every one went. The Beer Hunters were treated to some free beer purchased by BEETROOT HEAD and sponsored by FLYING FINN. All very happy.

The new raffle mistress MENSTRUAL DISORDER set out to sell her raffle tickets and having a pretty face the hashers eagerly opened their wallets. The prizes were fantastic and she had no problem selling tickets.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD as new rags man went around the circle selling his hash shirts, offering special deals, he learnt a lot from FREE WILLY.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD iced the Hares and he was surprised on how great the circle thought the run was. THE WIZARD then spoke about the Super Bowl and iced a very excited CANNONBALL who was celebrating his team's win. CANNONBALL then dropped his pants hoping to attract the harriette’s attention, but failed.

NO MORE CUM entertained the circle and then followed by SCAR W/2TS who iced TESTICLES and asked his advice on how to pick up pretty girls as TESTICLES had a beautiful harriette hanging off his arm, SCAR I hope the advice he gave you helps you to pick up women.

SPERM POLLUTER came in and immediately iced ARSE BANDIT to find out why from the last two weeks he has lost the two loves of his life. ARSE BANDIT has no idea but could be a sizes matter.

Also on the night we were privileged to have a visiting ex GM from Wanchai H3, SOUTH SIDE HASH TOY and her partner DOG SHIT also a ex-GM from Hong Kong.They both had a great night and thanked The PH3 for the Great entertainment and run.

The Baht buses were loaded and were all headed back to the Buffalo Bar for more great food and socializing.

On-On!  Mental Disorder

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