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PH3 Run 1824 Scribe

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The French Connection

Get to run site we had before. Nice area some traffic but good for the circle. The run was well appreciated by everybody. The runners and walkers came in close together.

The hares were dressed French outfits.They had sausages and free wine and cheese. Even the Beer Hunter ARSE BANDIT said that it was wonderful. Good job hares and thanks.

The Raffle managed by MENTAL DISORDER with help from his assistant went well for the winners. They liked their prizes.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD time saying the A-site was like a bunker. Thanks for a great job with a regional theme like French. He thanked them for free wine and cheese and told them great job.

Steve the Belgium was called to the ice was named FRED FLINTSTONE. Others all him Fred Fishtone. The virgins were called to the circle, two from Belgium and from Thailand. They were welcomed to the club.

WANK-KING'S WANKER and time for the awards. HARBOR WHORE 100 Runs; KEE MAH 250 Runs; VV 900 Runs and 180 Hares; UNSTABLE LOAD 15 Got Drunks; STREET CLEANER 5 Hares.

BALL RINGER awarded Hash Trash because his son BEN 10 lost his free run card on the trail.

SCAR W/2TS took over and called the hares in. SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTER was put in the bucket for leaving trash on the trail. CANADA BLOWER was called in because he took a taxi for the A-Site. That cost him 900 baht. He did not realize the buses leave at 3 PM during winter time.

STREET CLEANER was called in for getting lost on the trail even though he was a hare. CHIP CHIP was called in because the hares got drunk after the run.

The GM called in SHE'S THE BOSS and iced him for talking. The GM called in ARSE BANDIT and NO MORE CUM. Asking ARSE BANDIT about his recent trip to Udon Thani that cost a lot money fixing his girlfriend's brother's car, gas and police fines.

NO MORE CUM was asked about his girlfriend's friend's night out with a Kathoey that ended being free sex with her and the circle was asked if anybody had a free night with a kathoey. One hasher said yes he was put in the bucket.(RAT VON KIEL)

NO MORE CUM called FRED FLINTSTONE to the ice and asked about falling asleep on the beach and getting pedicures before the hash from his girlfriend.

The hare was asked about the French and German connection on the board.

The hares called on for the hare song.

Very good night for everybody thanks to the hares.

On-On!  Cannonball

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