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Well, I suppose this will be a fairly short scribe. Our very amiable but somewhat forgetful GM volunteered your humble scribe about 10 minutes before "We call on the hares ...". Seems the rest of you lazy bastards did not step up during the first circle and with all going on it slipped his mind.

Needless to say, I took no notes and wasn't very attentive during proceedings. Perhaps in large part due to extreme drunkenness or perhaps it was my glaucoma medicine cutting in. Regardless, I will embark on this short narrative. If this offering at any point approaches the truth this will be purely accidental.

A fine day for a run as we all gathered at the Buffalo Bar. I usually stay behind to make sure everyone gets a ride and had a jar to pass the time. Arriving at the A-site we found a good gathering in fine mood.

The hares today PRINCESS BUM BOY and JUNGLE PRINCESS produced a great run for us today. I heard through the grapevine that PBB, taking full advantage of Thailand's lax child labor laws, had JUNGLE PRINCESS walk the whole trail and paper it this morning. But maybe that's just a rumor.

First circle called and the GM recited the seeming ever increasing rules governing the day's run. Two virgins introduced, then in with the hares to set the runners off. I saw the Beer Hunters shuffling away looking like a shabby group of Chelsea Pensioners. So what the hell, I joined then seeing I was getting a bit dry. We missed leaver FLYING FINN since he always buys us a round, but SIR SPAG was there so we had a little guy to make fun of.

I sure wish I could tell you which FRB's solved the run first but sorry complete blank. You know who you are and that should serve as praise enough.

Okay, it starts getting really fuzzy about here. So from here on this is pure conjecture. GM calls the circle and ices the hares. All agreed if was: a great run, a good run, run was OK, shitty run, worst run ever (reader to circle correct answer).

The Raffle was next and the very easy-on-the-eyes LOVE BOAT sold a bunch of tickets I'll wager. The GM is standing-in as Raffle Master and did a fine job off selecting the winners. Late Wednesday afternoon I discovered a tin of biscuits in my backpack and checking the photos I confirmed I had won a prize in the raffle. Other people were there but I don't remember who. I remember they seemed happy.

Next in was our own Super RA EMPEROR AIRHEAD regaled us with his wit. Content? Full blank, but he probably did the virgins.

I think I went in next for the awards. I kind of remember this part since I'm always scared witless when I take the circle. Imagine standing inside a ring of big mean-looking, not to mention drunken, thugs staring at you. Anyway I remember I fucked it up intending to have REDCOAT and LORD CHICKEN FUCKER give the note for the winners. Seems UNSTABLE LOAD who hands out the awards was one of the winners (20 Hares shirt) and it got all confused. Others included HAPPY SURVIVOR 50 Runs, GOLDEN RIVET and SMOKY TRUCKY FUCKY 10 Hares shirts,

Next was the cheerfully truculent RA NO MORE CUM (aka The Regulator) recounting the sins of the Crashes, the Trashes and such lot. Complete blank here.

When I looked at the photos there was a diving helmet. I thought to myself, "What the fuck is that doing in the circle?", then remembered that KARAMBA was present so it must be him. Sure enough next photo KARAMBA with diving helmet. Next photo I'm on ice ice with this thing on my head. Did that really happen?

I think about this time the GM volunteered me as scribe. "A little late, don't ya think?", I said (I though to myself).

Then big, scary RA SCAR W/2TS did a bit of disciplining and torturing the assembled mob. I remember being bucketed I guess it must have been about this time.

I remember some people singing some stuff and waving their arms and having a beer at the Buffalo Bar.


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