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Life's a Beach

The moral fiber of the average hasher was demonstrated by ARSE BANDIT as he went from runner to walker to Beer Hunter in the space of a beer with the Manchester visitors.

PH3 healthy finances (and LOVE BOAT's no expense spared Eurowide vacation) were explained as she handed me 5 raffle tix for my proffered 100 baht. A-ha!

The run set by UNSTABLE LOAD, his henchgirls and two other Belgues was flat and featured more asphalt than an edition of Top Gear, more dogs than the average Swansea nightclub and a bloody motorbike accident on Bang Saray beach road.

I nearly saw the beach at one point but thankfully DIRT LOONEY kept us in the shade and heading the right way with some surprisingly intelligent hashing. 9.3 km later NINJA PRINCESS hosed us down for Songkran as we turned the last corner.

EXCREMENT praised the trail for being 90% wheelchair accessible and SCAR W/2T'S enjoyed a beer stop opp. by some beach I never saw. SEAL SUCKER splashed the hares and TAMPAX the raffle winners.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD damned the hares with faint praise and likened the Belgians to cockroaches - you find one and they’ll be half a dozen crawling around close by.

The effervescent MADAME SIN received her hash handle and VELCRO DICK was iced for paying waitresses 20 baht to kick EAH. Deal of the year I’d say.

KAPT KORRUPTION got the bucket in order to make him a better soldier and UK visitors Nigel and Sarah for their 15 year anniversary.

THE WIZARD down downed BEETROOT HEAD for his 55th birthday and clearing off to England. BRH’s gf will soon be giving birth and THE WIZARD thought it was fine form to be coming back for the birth, cashed up, especially as he wasn’t there for the conception.

NO MORE CUM, with his almost trendy hairdo, splashed the hares, STUPID KRAUT KUNT, the Beer Hunters and ARSE BANDIT. THE WIZARD had SKK for forgetting his Wanker of the Week spoon and GANGREEN serenaded him sweetly with some Siamese twin song.

I have it on good authority that DIRT LOONEY was shagging Siamese twins and the only way he could tell them apart was the brother had a moustache.

W-KW honoured the 5 hare heroes NINJA PRINCESS, QUIET PRINCESS, NOISY QUEEN. SCAR W/2T'S congratulated for 300 Runs. SCAR W/2T'S iced new grandad SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR and it was time for BARNACLE BOLLOX to sing about Lancashire lassies and ARSE BANDIT, BALL RINGER and some other old codger to lead the Hash Hymn.

Many thanks to the hares for the yummy Belgium pumpkin soup and our hosts for the chicken casserole soup in Nicky’s Bar at the OnOnOn.

On-On!  Alice

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