Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1836 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Mr Potato Head

The GM called the circle to order and welcomed 46 sign ups including 2 virgins. He also covered a few house keeping matters concerning behavior on the Baht buses. VV was called into the circle to give run directions and sent the pack on their way while five Beer Hunters ably lead by SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD slinkered away to the nearest ma and pa shop that sold beer.

18:45 was the start of the second circle with GI JOE being called out for an alleged crash on trail. The accusers LINEAR ACCELERATOR and ARSE VAN HOLE found themselves on ice for grassing on JOE. ARSE VAN HOLE was promoted to the bucket, in the meantime GI JOE was again awarded the Hash Crash Hat.

Hares on ice – TWO TIME, VV and MAYO QUEEN. The circle was quizzed about the run and the consensus was it was a good run with a challenging finish for the runners.

LOST CAUSE runs the Raffle with five prizes going to the lucky recipients.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD circle. Hares on ice – The hares were given an adequate amount of shit and cold arses while AIRHEAD tells an amusing joke. SPANKY on ice and welcomed back from South Dakota, or was that North Dakota. The virgins where welcomes again Phoue from Thailand and Hakan from Sweden.

GM Circle. EMPEROR AIRHEAD on ice. Hash Trash collar removed. SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE on ice for volunteering as scribe last week and signups this week.

WANK-KING'S WANKER circle. SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE back on the ice for going to Iran. HOI WAN (Sweet Oyster) called to the circle, there was a long delay before she appears, seems she was into the Gin and Tonic circle with the girls out back. When she arrived she was awarded her 5 Hared Runs shirt.

GM Circle. TADPOLE called away from the G & T party to take a seat on the ice. UNSTABLE LOAD presents TADPOLE with a BMW for picking up trash from the trail. The GM had a variety of awards for the person most likely to be found dead outside a 7/11 with a Chang in his hand nominees – REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD, WANK-KING'S WANKERRSB wins hands down. Person most likely to be seen in Soi 6 – DIRT LOONEY, WKW – DL wins etc etc

BARNACLE BOLLOX sings a song on behalf of the hares. A rendition of Working for the Yanky Dollar.

19:48 the circle was closed with the Hash Hymen.

On-On!  Mr Potato Head

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