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It was a good Run today, and not just because I am a FRB....!

HAPPY SURVIVOR and SHE'S THE BOSS clearly put a lot of thought and work into the Trail and the Circle endorsed this, with a well done for the food as well.

As always GM THE WIZARD had a full Agenda, kicking off with various Hash Trash awards/matters including DIRT LOONEY's Hash Trash hat being passed to ARSE BANDIT for putting his (push bike on the baht bus after Run 1837 and subsequently abandoning the same (the bike or the bus......?). ARSE BANDIT was also iced for allowing his GF to fall asleep for 1 1/2 hours (?) during a social event the previous evening.

DIRT LOONEY was in turn made a Hash Hero for driving the Beer Truck in VV's absence whilst SK BONE COLLECTOR and FRENCH KISS were commended for taking over at short notice and now operating Hash Rags in such an effective manner. Unfortunately SEAL SUCKER totally spoiled the moment by a wholly inappropriate down down and was punished accordingly.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD commented on FREE WILLY's cameo appearance and his continuing role as Hare Raiser. BURLY CHASSIS was acclaimed as best raffle ticket ticket seller ever; whilst BOB-A-GOB celebrated his 56th birthday, with 30 of those having been in Thailand.

WANK-KING'S WANKER, having given Bananas a 100 run award one week late, was in turn iced by LIBERACE who rather cryptically commented that intelligence is not connected to (lack of)... memory......

Hash formalities over, as an irregular visitor I reflected on low season meet ups having a different (and in a lot of ways better) feel than high season ones. However lower numbers can paradoxically lead to the committee members having to do even more things to make each event a success. So, please help out: sing- sing, no talking in the circle and volunteer to do something!

See you next time.

On-On!  Home Brew

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