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As “Uli of Berlin” I have on 3. Febr. 14 at the Run 1561 the first time participated in a run. As one of the few, I came without a sponsor. I have the Running and drinking information found on the internet. Now, for the first time, I made a "hare" two weeks ago, on run 1482 my 75th run, and now I'm the first secretary.

Grand Master THE WIZARD starts the Circle with the words: "we are late".

Yes run was somehow ... well. Usually I by myself walk the "Walker" path, so I do not lose too much time over the longer distance, otherwise there would be no danger of getting buns prepared by VIETNAMESE VIOLATOR. This time I am 8.3 km run, did not come last and could still enjoy a salmon sandwich.

There was a simple reason: no one found the Walker trail, because there was none. So every WALKER has to walk the longer RUNNERS TRAIL.

Well that was the reason to leave the Hares SEAL SUCKER and BEVERLEY HILLS PINK COCK on the ice for a long time. SEAL SUCKER has been a runner in the hash for 26 years and has made the "Hare" for 5 times. (so every five runner-years one “hare”), but I don’t think I’m too fast. He was also honored for this 5 hares, along with BEVERLY HILLS PINK COCK, honored for ten "hares".

Back to this "miracle run". That did not exist yet, that the "hares" were asked, before the mob was questioned. ... .. and the one with 26 "hares" but actually experienced BEVERLEY HILLS PINK COCK tried to talk out. This then ended in the statement that the cows had eaten the paper and that the run was boycotted.

But GI JOE commented on it exactly as I feel: "It was the best run I did today." and I by myself have liked my 8.3 km, because there could not be many who could have eaten the VIETNAMESE VIOLATOR rolls.

Even the short downpour did not hurt and a big thank you to those Hashers who brought the runners' bags to the dry. My special Thanks to SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR.

DIGGA, a hashing guest, has the best down-down songs - that's what I did notice yesterday - and was allowed to release one.

At the competition, I then jokingly wrote down the winning numbers and sitting next to me and constantly talking, BANANAS has shown me by his comment that he fell for it.

Then came as always the "cardboard-cover with the notes". Held by our highly revered EMPEROR AIRHEAD. "Keep your Goolies covered, we have children," was his comment as he commanded the "hares" on the ice. EMPEROR AIRHEAD could not understand how the German BEVERLEY HILLS PINK COCK could make such an unqualified run.

He compared today's run to the "German Run" of 14 days ago, when BEVERLEY HILLS PINK COCK was there too. Yes, there he was (but really only). And there were also SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR, SAUSSAGE HEAD and GING GANG GOOLIES hares, in this very well organized German run.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD summed this up with the words: "The run with the many papers in the wrong places".

Then came the GM THE WIZARD, with the hint - singing is required.

But immediately invited EMPEROR AIRHEAD again to lead the Circle. EMPEROR AIRHEAD praised ANAL BREADFRUIT for his three daughters, including SNOW QUEEN. staying with us. She is eight and will be nine, repeated EMPEROR AIRHEAD with the words and I'm 66 and will be 67.

And then the gavel came, a woman who refused to wait for the police after a brief photo interview because she don’t like to wait,..........went home. SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE sat in a "grave TAXI", ................. but telling this Story here would take us too far. EMPEROR AIRHEAD only asked SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE to send this "run-away trick" to the missing MENTAL DISORDER. Then DIGGA released a great down-down song again.

WANK-KING'S WANKER honors TAMPAX and presents a folding chair for 500 runs and for working with the (Mis)-managment since 2003. DUCHESS TADPOLE was honored with a shirt for 600 runs.

The cooking spoon medal "Wanker of the Week" is to be passed on by WANK-KING'S WANKER. You can choose between 1. DIGGA, who can only laugh at the water in the bucket, 2.CLASSIC and 3.ARSE-HOLEO .. However, the people decide that WANKER should keep the Wanker.

In honor of the many pitiful down-down singers, however, BEVERLEY HILLS PINK COCK surprises with a perfect song. Should that be the beginning of a compensation attempt for this "miracle run".

BANANAS is still in my ears with his chatter, well he's sitting next to me. I can get up. We conclude this "Heavenly exultant to the death sad"-day with our anthem.

Everyone is allowed to take a "Beer for the road" and almost everyone goes to NICKY'S, she makes the best food, again this time, Thanks Debbie, many Thanks.

On-On!  Ging Gang Goolies

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