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Belgian National Day Run #1845 or Bastille Day la Fete national run starts with a bit of a delay. The new nice A-site is a bit hard for the baht bus drivers to find and more importantly main money man LIBERACE gets completely lost as well.

VV, one of the seven hares explains run and walkers split which is pretty simple red checks, blue back checks. It ain't rocket science but believe me the idiots still get lost.

MAYO QUEEN leads us in the direction of the paper, SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD leads the Beer Hunters of in the same direction but his one track mind is only interested in three things - Cold Cheap BEER.

The trail is well papered but Hares, the Thing is the yellowish paper blended in with the brownish, dusty, sandy, dirt and at times with the sun setting it was tricky to see. But Fantastic job by the hares.

The FRB's caught up to the walkers and arrived at the beer truck approximately same time, and about 8km for runners.

GM THE WIZARD crowns UNSTABLE LOAD with Hash Crash hat. It's of the opinion that the many hares, one of which, VV. has over 150 hared runs laid a great trail.

Many happy hasher's reap the benefits of the well run raffle although I feel sorry for the person that won the half empty can of fly spray overly generous SHITHEAD donated.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD gives us a history lesson on the Belgian National Day it was back in 1830 they gained independence from The Netherlands.

Bastille Day was back in the French revolution King Louis XVI was guillotined back in 1794. The blood from all the beheadings was added to white wine, which is how French red wine became famous. During this history lesson SHITHEAD and ARSE-HOLEO are in the bucket for rudely interrupting the circle.

BaId guys are next they need to shrink their heads and do nose and ear comb overs to be sexy man. Hakan the deviant policeman is named PC PORN.

THE WIZARD ices the Kiwi's and then calls in all the Anzac's as he attempts to admit the Kiwi's are the rightful holders of Cricket World Cup because of several controversial calls by useless Umpires against the Kiwi Team. The so called mentioned umpires have been seen in their new condos on the Spanish Costa Brava, laughing all the way to the bank.

WANK-KING'S WANKER awards COW FISTER 50 Run shirt and WKW remains Wanker of the week again. ARSE-HOLEO buckets BIGGUS DICKUS for throwing rubbish on trail, he's Hash Trash.

The numerous hares on the ice with no song to slug and SH saves us from seeing their rings and sings.

On-On!  Seal Sucker

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