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I always dreamt about living in Thailand/Pattaya. Nowadays I'm now thinking, what am I even doing here at all? Thailand and especially Pattaya is light years from what it used to be.

But every Monday those dark thoughts disappear because the hash is still going strong and is as fun as it always has been. And with a GM, to quote himself, is able to work with 60 imbeciles, what could go wrong.

How many imbeciles we were this time and who got run/hare rewards is mentioned elsewhere so i won't double doing that. Except one DUCHESS TADPOLE who should get Hash Hero for Life Award for her work in making PH3 known as the hash that leaves a place cleaner then when it was when we got there. TADPOLE does a much better job than Greta Thunberg, action instead of striking.

The A site was surprisingly close to Pattaya, almost like the old Days when it was just past the Butterfly Bar and it was all good running territory. The hares a Slovenian/German anschluss of SHE'S THE BOSS, HAPPY SURVIVOR and SAUSAGE HEAD.

The hares gave a good run, walk, paper and check information that were crystal clear to all except LORD CHICKEN FUCKER and off they went. Since I am (after bribes with Swedish cheez doodles) allowed to hang with the cool guys behind NIGHT RIDER's car and listen to the weird and amazing tales from EMPEROR AIRHEAD (I WILL NEVER FORGET TO FEED THE CHICKENS).

Doing that, I apparently missed out on a great run/walk but that's ok because different from them I know not to forget to feed the chickens.

Thanks to the hares we got some delicious Slovenian salami and thanks to the birthday girl SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE we got some good whiskey too, happy 70th birthday to you.

In the lottery we of course had to put a wrong number scammer in the bucket, then I got to see something amazing, a young boy, 8 or 9 years old as a Winner and what do you think he picked from the table full of cookies and candy? A bottle of RED WINE!!! The time to call AA is now…..

EMPEROR AIRHEAD ices the hares and gives them thumbs up on all parts except hiding HHH signs on the wrong side of the road and behind a tree wasn't optimal use of that sign.

Next on the ice are the Australians. In my opinion only because EA yet again feels the need to brag about his first class pyjamas he got from SKIPPY (CAPTAIN KANGAROO). Those must be nice.

After that it was tongue breaking time for EA trying hard to pronounce the Norwegian Ottar Furoe from Ålesund correctly. Well, EA sent him off with a mission to start a PH3 daughter hash in Ålesund, good luck in your quest and beware people of Ålesund.

Then its Wanker of the Week, finally time for GANGREEN to get rid of the ”flattering” spoon of shame. The nominees are KNICKERLESS, didn't hear the reason, ARSE-HOLEO. don't need a reason but heard something about beer amount over the legal 2 cans a time, SPEEDO PETE for lying Hash Crash, and finally SEAL SUCKER for messing around with the check sticks, and for that he earned first place in the spoon competition.

Finally we celebrate SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE properly. She's given the circle and nominates LOST CAUSE for Hash Hero for helping the old and slow some of us (all?) through the tricky parts of the run.

"Swing Low Sweet Chariot"

On-On!  Crimson Penis

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