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PH3 Run 1850 Scribe

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Welcome to PH3 run number 1850 Antique's 75th Birthday Run. The hares were ANTIQUE, BARNACLE BOLLOX and LORD CHICKEN FUCKER. The run was well received by the hashers.Thank to ANTIQUE for sponsoring the shirts and the barbecue.

The raffle was conducted by THE WIZARD with help by CHIP CHIP. The hashers look forward to this every week. The lucky winners took their prizes.

The virgins were called in. Most of them were ANTIQUE's friends and family. Some of them took the ice and all seemed to like the run.

ANTIQUE was called in and presented a cake from the PH3 for his 75th birthday. Then THE WIZARD played "This is My Life". The teachers where ANTIQUE grew up said, "He had a hard time learning". Then we found out while ANTIQUE was in Las Vegas he met the Rat Pack and Frank Sinatra came over to his table with his friends and ANTIQUE sent them away saying he was too busy.

UNSTABLE LOAD and WANK-KING'S WANKER were put in the bucket for talking.

Then the story went on saying he was a recovering alcoholic. He went to the paint store buy some paint thinner. The salesperson said that he knows his background. Finally he said he could buy the thinner. ANTIQUE replied, "Do you have any cold?"

SPERM POLLUTER took over as a RA. He put GASMAN in the bucket. PHANTOM, BANANAS and a Dutch guy were put on the ice. They were caught talking. SPERM POLLUTER called in few a others for talking including a Young Thai lady. While she was on the ice SPERM POLLUTER was walking in circles and she asked why he was. He said he did not need a ticket talk to her.

WANK-KING'S WANKER award time - SGT LONE WOLF 30 hares, SIR WANDA 50 runs, SCOOBIE DOO 5 Hares, GASMAN from the bucket was awarded 50 runs. Congratulations to all!

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER called in ANTIQUE and his two daughters.

The GM called in his wife BURLEY CHASSIS and HAPPY SURVIVOR saying they do everything together so the ice might be good for their wrinkles but decided the bucket would be better. Should be a good night at THE WIZARD's house.

The hares were called in for their hares song. With the traditional hash song and the circle was closed.

Great day and night out for everybody. Thanks hares for all their hard work today.

Happy Birthday ANTIQUE!

On-On!  Cannonball

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