Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1851 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Mr Potato Head

GM opened the circle and welcomed everyone to run number 1851 brought to you by MAYO QUEEN, VV and TWO TIME. A quick survey of the runners was conducted and everyone agreed it had been a good run and got the thumbs up, well done hares.

Next was the much anticipated raffle draw. 7 prizes up for grabs and the lucky winners had excellent choices.


GASMAN in bucket with SEAL SUCKER on the ice with BANANAS as company. Seems there had been a cricket match during the week and GASMAN backed the wrong side to win.

BANKER WANKER on ice with DEL BOY with the question being asked why did BANKER WANKER choose the soft toy in the raffle???

SIR SPAGHETTI HEAD was presented with a 80 Hare T shirt, DIRT LOONEY found himself on ice again and was presented with a 200 run shirt. BARNACLE BOLLOX and BURL IVES each also received 200 runs T shirts. SIR ARSE-A-HOLIC was congratulated for 800 runs, well done to all recipients. DEL BOY received an honorable mention for his 150 runs completed. And lastly TWO TIME was honored for haring 40 runs.

GM Circle

The 2 virgins where called out and welcomed to PH3 One virgin Rune from Norway introduced by LIBERACE and the other young lady Parichat from Thailand introduced by VELCRO DICK. PH3 had 2 visitors to welcome SLUM DOG and SLUM BITCH from Bangkok.

UNSTABLE LOAD slowly appears on ice for some reason.


We have two hashers leaving ANTIQUE and DOG LICKS ITS DICK both had reached the monumental age of 75, safe travels. BALL RINGER on ice and had the piss pulled out of him for some reason (It's getting late and my handwriting is deteriorating).

SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE on ice and questioned if BANANAS pushed her resulting in a broken arm, BANANAS found guilty. KNICKERLESS, NBF girlfriend, on ice. Scribe had a great view.

GM Circle

Hares act IT WAS A TERRIBLE SONG was entertaining. GM closed the circle 19:44.

On-On!  Mr Potato Head

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