Pattaya H3

Upcoming PH3 Run 1852
The Veterans Run
Monday, September 2nd 2019

The Wizard, Sauce for the Goose and Jack Wow
PH3 celebrates our Veterans. Hashers with 26 runs since the last Vets Run run free. This year's run is a qualifying run.
Highway 331 - Asian University
GPS:   12°50'42.74"N   101°0'37.68"E
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On-On Bar:  Buffalo Bar
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Run 1852 Map

A-Site Mis-Directions (those with own transport)

From Soi Thep Prasit, drive 6.0 km South on Sukhumvit Road. At the lights turn left onto Wat Huay Yai Road. Follow for 13.4 km to the T-junction at Hwy 331 (HHH). Turn left heading N for 1.5 km to the U-turn (HHH) and enter the southbound carriageway. Follow Hwy 331 S for 6.5 km and U-turn back N. Follow the northbound lane for 1 km and turn left into the entrance to Asian University. Before reaching the security gate park on either side of the road. A-Site is situated just outside the gates on a small patch of lawn.

Maps not to scale and distances are approximate.
Maps oriented with North at top unless otherwise specified.

Mis-Information (for all others)

Meet on 3rd Road in front of the Buffalo Bar close to Soi Lengke. We start gathering at 3:00PM and free buses to the A-Site depart as they are filled. Last bus departs 3:30PM sharp. Sign ups are at the A-Site. First circle starts at 4:30PM. Second circle ends between 7:30 and 8:00PM. Buses will return you pick-up point after stopping by the on-on bar at the end of the run.

Meeting Point Map