Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1855 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Steptoe

THE WIZARD gathers the multitude, hares VV and DEL BOY. DEL BOY delivers the lesson 6.5 km short, 10 km long, with long being 3.5 km extra from the split. Which everybody took to mean long run is 3.5 km from split to A site. Not so! REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD gathers the hash trolls to feed off site and we are off.

SPERM POLLUTER leads off, the trail is well marked and runnable with occasional wading through Klongs and other flooded areas as you would expect from the likes of VV and DEL BOY, lots of checks and the pack is mostly together. JACKAL breaks a check but runs through the next back check, BEVERLEY HILLS PINK COCK retrieves the sticks and leaves JACKAL to carry on regardless.

GI JOE and STEPTOE hit a back check and find themselves at the back, STEPTOE catches up but GI JOE runs a parallel course and is not seen for the rest of the run. SQUEEZE MY TUBE is much in evidence near the front as is THE WIZARD and BANANAS. UNSTABLE LOAD exchanges monkey noises with STEPTOE something to do with Jungle Monkey following Saturday.

It’s 5pm and the split arrives at 3.2 km, the pack short cuts across a field before the split and some short runners find themselves on the long. Confusion! If it’s 3.5 km from split to A site then the run is 6.7 km not 10 km, BALL RINGER spends the rest of the run using logic to try explain the discrepancy, when it’s simple ‘hares are economical with the truth’.

It takes a while but THE WIZARD realises he’s fucked. The run is 10+ km and he is going to be late back and consequently the circle will be late. Some discussion re. the difference between God and GM, THE WIZARD reckons none, some agree God has a bigger dick.

SQUEEZE MY TUBE meets up with TADPOLE for a bit of mushroom shopping. Long run in with no checks, ARSE BANDIT appears from behind, as you would expect, the A site arrives SPERM POLLUTER first in at 1:41 hrs it’s getting dark. Long run around 11 km, short 7 km.

Circle convenes somewhat late. Hares on ice comments from STEPTOE, SPERM POLLUTER, ARSE BANDIT, BEVERLEY HILLS PINK COCK, WIZARD, GI JOE, SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE, JACK WOW. Good run, pack together, lots of water, lots of checks, barbed wire,

Raffle winners: JACK WOW – beer Lao, UNSTABLE LOAD – red wine, WHORE IN THE WINDOW – towels, VELCRO DICK – headphones. ONE PIECE – biscuits, GI JOE – Donald Duck, ARSE VAN HOLE – beard trimmer, KNICKERLESS - cock (dreaming of Neville), BONE COLLECTOR – shirt, MADAM SIN – umbrella.

AIRHEAD honoured for 1500 runs receives a collage of photos depicting time at hash including some with hair, seems it will take pride of place in toilets at TQ.

AIRHEAD takes the circles ices VELCRO DICK and his sweeties who is subsequently named ONE PIECE. Next Gerard from Holland seems he is really smart as he works on the electronics at the proton collider so he gets a really smart name SPASTIC WHORE KING (Stephen Hawking geddit?).

CHICKEN FUCKER takes circle ices KATOEYS BLOW BEST iced on a whim. Next produces photo of TURD BURGLAR and SPERM POLLUTER French kissing at ON ON, seems the brown hatters went to the WC together, they in the bucket for serious rule 6 violation. SPERM POLLUTER confesses membership of Pattaya Gay Hash. CHICKEN FUCKER breaks down and accepts LGBT rules OK, is it voluntary or compulsory now?

KNICKERLESS iced and asked why choose cock? ‘Thinking of Neville’ is the reply. Photo taken of cock in tit fuck position for forwarding to ARSEHOLEO.

THE WIZARD ices KATOEYS BLOW BEST as a welcome back after 9 years and suspicion of not wearing hash shirt, but it is very old hash shirt. WHORE IN THE WINDOW in bucket for wrongly grassing KATOEYS BLOW BEST and presented with Wanker of the Week.

Hare song STEPTOE saga of VV and DEL BOY gay relationship

On-On!  Steptoe

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